How can I make my bathroom safe for seniors?

How can I make my bathroom safe for seniors?

Bidé alto para personas mayores

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How to adapt a bathroom for the elderly

In many occasions the elderly spend a great part of their time at home. That is why we must take into account the accessibility and comfort of the different rooms of the house. By adapting the different rooms we will reduce the risk of falls, which will give more confidence to the elderly and will increase their autonomy, reducing their dependence.

By adapting the toilet, in addition to reducing accidents by creating a more spacious, comfortable and accessible place, we will ensure that the person does not reduce the daily routines related to personal hygiene.

Bathroom for seniors chair

Although not usually necessary for young people, many seniors appreciate being able to sit while showering. With a shower chair you can wash and rest at the same time. A shower chair takes up some space, so an open shower or walk in shower is a good solution.

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A sink without a cabinet means that a person using a wheelchair has more space to, for example, brush their teeth. Many sinks need a lower cabinet to hide the siphon. The Easy Drain flat siphon is the smallest available, and thanks to this you can save a lot of space.

Toilets for the elderly

A person with poor mobility will have difficulty sitting and standing on the toilet. Due to age, people lose muscle mass, balance and have fewer reflexes, so it will be more difficult for them to bend down and stand up easily.

The best advice when installing safety bars is to ask the older adult to demonstrate how he or she showers. In this process, you will be able to see where the older adult places his or her hands and in what position they need help to stabilize themselves and prevent falls.

It is important to consider adding a button, buzzer or alarm in case of an emergency. These alarms have different response systems. The simplest just sound, some are connected to telecare companies, and others will alert the caregivers of the elderly person.

How can I make my bathroom safe for seniors?
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