How do elderly wash their hair?

How to wash the hair of a person in a wheelchair

How to wash the hair of a bedridden personHow to wash the hair of a bedridden person is a task that we must know when we have to take care of a convalescent person who has to remain long periods in bed. These may be sick, injured, hospitalized or dependent people, who, being in this state of immobility, pose several serious difficulties when it comes to helping them in their temporary hygiene.

As these are people who need extensive or permanent assistance (as specified in the definitions of severe dependence and severe dependence in the Law for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Aid to Dependent Persons of 2006), they require personal assistance for elementary tasks of daily life. And in hygiene, as in other facets of this assistance, we must be patient and empathetic and know how to respect the wishes and the autonomy of the will of the person we are caring for. In this sense, properly performing the tasks of how to wash the hair of a person in bed is linked to this relationship of empathetic and respectful care of the person in a situation of dependency and loss of personal autonomy.

How to dry-clean a sick person’s hair

A permanent or temporary illness, the physical or cognitive deterioration of age, a disability … the reasons that lead an elderly person to remain bedridden are diverse, but in any case they require specific care.

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This is the case of hygiene, an essential part of the routine of any person, but especially in bedridden people because bad habits can lead to the appearance of sores or infections.

Once the patient’s hair is clean, we will proceed to wash the face, nose and ears by placing a clean towel between the pillow and the head. When washing the face we must be especially careful with the eyes and ears, as they are very sensitive. Likewise, we should remove ear wax with a cotton swab, but never insert it into the ear, limiting it to the outer area.

In the case of the upper extremities, place a towel under the arm and, using circular movements, wash from the armpit to the hand and then rinse and dry the area. After doing the same process with the other arm, we will proceed to place the hands of the elder in a basin with warm water and wash them well, especially the space between the fingers.

Hair washing in bed

Grooming is important for everyone. In addition to promoting self-esteem, it is good for your health and helps prevent disease. Although it is easy to wash oneself, it is not so easy to wash someone else’s hair. Great care and attention must be taken to do it correctly.

To begin with, grooming should be done daily for proper hygiene. In cases where the person has very dry skin, it will not be necessary to wash every day. In such cases, it will be sufficient to shower every other day. However, the rest of the grooming, i.e., washing the face, combing the hair, brushing the teeth, etc., should be done daily.

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If the elderly person is bedridden, he/she should be washed in zones. The order would be as follows: neck, trunk, arms, armpits, legs, back, feet, genitals and perianal region. So that he/she does not feel cold or uncomfortable, dry him/her as soon as you finish and try to keep him/her naked for as little time as possible.

We know that caring for an elderly person, especially when it comes to maintaining their hygiene and showering can be complicated, especially if our physical condition is not strong enough to be able to hold another person well, so we want to help you and look for alternatives for your loved one leaving them in good hands.

Hair changes in older adults

Surely there are more tips or tricks, to maintain proper hygiene in the elderly, and help make this time more enjoyable for them. It is healthy for the person to try to take care of their hygiene as much as possible, because this gives them autonomy. But we must be attentive in case they need help, so as not to neglect their hygiene. You can help them yourself or hire professionals to take care of it. In Innova Asistencial we have great experience in this and other services that you may need.

How do elderly wash their hair?
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