How do I choose a mobility aid?

How do I choose a mobility aid?

Technical aids for eating

In this post we talk about walking aids and how users gain in autonomy and independence, as they allow them to move from one place to another without the help of another person, thus improving their active life.

The English cane or crutch is a technical aid indicated for people who need support to move, either by an operation or a mobility problem. With its help, the patient will obtain greater support and security in their transfers, allowing one of the legs to rest.

In this post we talked about canes, one of the technical aids for walking more safely. We gave you some indications on how to choose your walking cane and talked about the wide variety that exists on this instrument (folding canes, extensible, etc.).

There are many people who are dedicated to the care of others who need it, or who dedicate themselves to this task professionally. Many caregivers need advice and tips to make it easier for them to care for their patients and family members safely and comfortably.

Technical aids for reduced mobility

Under no circumstances will users’ personally identifiable information, such as their location, contacts or travel, be available. These reports are created from anonymized, aggregated data sets of users who have enabled the Location History option (disabled by default).

If we do not have enough data to anonymously and accurately calculate the change from the baseline, you will notice gaps with no data and the highlighted figure will be the most recent calculated change.

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We create a PDF report for a specific date in the calendar. That is the date we compare in the highlighted figures. You will find the date of the report at the top of the PDF or in the file name (if no one modified it).

The data shows how visitors to the categorized places change (or the time spent there) compared to the days we took as a reference value. A reference day represents a normal value for that day of the week. The reference day is the median for the 5-week period from January 3 to February 6, 2020.

Technical aids that are easy to make

The needs of both the individual who needs an aid for their daily life and their relatives or caregivers. Often, the need to purchase a wheelchair or a walker, for example, comes as a surprise either by a fall, an operation or hospitalization and do not know which model is the best or which is best suited to our home or person.within the technical aids for mobility, toileting, communication, comfort or rehabilitation there are a variety of products, each with different characteristics and that suit one or other individuals. It is not the same to buy a two-wheeled walker than a four-wheeled walker, nor a shower stool than a shower chair with wheels, the manual wheelchair and the electric wheelchair will be valid in different cases… Our goal is to bring clarity to all the people who visit this website.

Walking aidsTechnical assistance for safe walking. References on types of walkers, accessories, how to choose the most suitable new or second hand and everything related to walkers and social security.

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Ayudas técnicas para la movilidad

La internacionalización de la educación superior (IHE) ha sido durante mucho tiempo objeto de estudio en las universidades e institutos de educación superior. En los últimos años, el flujo de estudiantes internacionales hacia Argentina se ha incrementado considerablemente, por lo que este trabajo busca examinar los factores que contribuyen a la decisión de los estudiantes de asistir a la Universidad Nacional del Sur para inscribirse en carreras regulares, adicionales o de fin de carrera. Se realizaron 48 entrevistas semiestructuradas a estudiantes de carreras internacionales (67% de la población total). Además, se entrevistó a ocho estudiantes para desarrollar una comprensión más completa de la información proporcionada en el cuestionario. Los resultados identificaron algunos factores asociados a la llegada de estudiantes internacionales que han sido considerados por autores anteriores y otros que no han sido discutidos. Destacan los siguientes factores: el idioma, la afinidad sociocultural, la educación pública y gratuita y la facilidad de entrada.

En este contexto, el presente artículo se propone ampliar el conocimiento disponible respecto al desarrollo de la internacionalización en países latinoamericanos, y para ello se investigan los factores asociados a la recepción de estudiantes internacionales de grado de la Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS), localizada en Bahía Blanca, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How do I choose a mobility aid?
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