How do you adjust the volume on a Rexton hearing aid?


Invisible hearing aids are among the most appreciated solutions for those seeking discretion, but they are not all the same and have very different technologies (and prices). Find out for free and without obligation which solution is right for you.

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Silk X is the ideal hearing aid for those looking for a discreet device: this device allows you to significantly improve speech understanding and become part of conversations again.

If you buy this invisible hearing aid, you can also use the remote control functionality, including volume adjustment, and if you need assistance, you can rely on TeleCare, the remote assistance service.

How to calibrate hearing aids for deafness

Most hearing aids, including our Kirkland Signature 9.0 and 10.0, can be fitted with your smartphone or tablet with the convenience and security of being at home, avoiding unnecessary travel.

Each manufacturer offers different wireless solutions, which can enhance your viewing enjoyment and improve communication on your phone. For more information on accessories or to learn more about other devices compatible with your hearing aid, visit our Hearing Center.

People who, when they get home, make jokes or comments about the loud TV. Sometimes you find yourself asking several times about what people say, or even ask to repeat what other people say, becoming uncomfortable when you do not receive an answer from the person who is waiting for help. Sometimes he has problems trying to understand the person on the other end of the phone, which can be very frustrating. You find yourself participating less in conversations, even among family and friends. You make an effort to use visualization of the speaker’s face to guess what they are saying by reading their expressions and lips. You get irritated with people when you can’t understand what they say. You feel depressed.

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How to adjust a hearing aid

Hearing aids for the deaf are electronic devices worn in or behind the ear. They make sounds louder and clearer so that you can hear them comfortably if you are hard of hearing.  The availability and use of hearing aids may vary from country to country.

If you think a hearing aid for the deaf might help you hear better, talk to your doctor for advice. Your physician may refer you to an audiologist (a health care professional who specializes in identifying and treating hearing problems). You will need to have a hearing test so that it can be determined what type of hearing loss you have and whether or not a hearing aid might help you.

The audiologist may ask you to wear a headband with a vibrating pad that transmits sounds to the cochlea in your inner ear on both sides of your head. The cochlea transforms sound vibrations into nerve impulses and sends them to the brain, which interprets the vibrations as sounds. Again, every time you hear something, you press a button.

Hearing aid calibration program

Smart Remote AppUse this free, downloadable app to remotely control your hearing instrument functions without the need for a physical remote control or any other device.

Smart Connect AppThe free, downloadable app enables full remote control capabilities, including control of directional microphone patterns and Smart Connect for Bluetooth® streaming (note: requires Smart Connect accessory).

Smart RemoteAn easy-to-use hearing instrument remote control with a display screen that makes it easy for you to adjust volume, programs and turn the hearing instruments on and off, as well as other custom functions.

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How do you adjust the volume on a Rexton hearing aid?
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