How do you hit harder in pool?

How do you hit harder in pool?

Billiard ball

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Billiard tricks

The first thing a billiard player learns is to pocket balls. The second thing is that it is useless to pocket them if you don’t control the cue ball. And for that we need to hit it at a certain point depending on the shot we have in mind. In this week’s article I bring you the five key shooting techniques for you to move the cue ball at will. Have you chalked it yet? Let’s go for it.

When we want to stop the cue ball where the target ball is, then we make a stop shot. That is, hit the cue ball in the center with a sharp stroke. The distance between the cue ball and the object ball will determine the force needed to stop the cue ball. If they are far apart, you will have to shoot harder and hit the cue ball between the center and the bottom of the cue ball. If they are close, just shoot in the center and relatively soft.

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Free billiard effects

Would you like to be a billiard pro? Then you must know the best billiard effects to leave your friends open-mouthed. You would like it, wouldn’t you? In the game of billiards, a spin is the rotational movement that the ball makes on itself, while moving in one direction. You are going to discover the main effects in billiards, such as: Full Ball, Backspin and Running. In addition, we are also going to explain the Picado and the side effect shot. Do you want to know how to do it? Place the billiard balls and we will explain it to you!

With this variation of movement you get the cue ball to move forward, but, with a key touch! With a backward rotational movement. What does this mean? When the forward motion stops, a backward motion will start. We recommend that you try it several times to get a good technique.

Do you want the cue ball to move forward after hitting the object ball? The run is your best ally! Why? By hitting the ball over the top of the ball, the rotation will force it to move forward.

How to set up the 8-ball billiard balls

THE SHOT LINE:Once we have followed all the steps to position ourselves correctly, the line of the shot should be formed by:* The cue* The chin* The right shoulder* The right arm* The right elbow* The right forearm* The right grimaceOf course nobody is going to guarantee us a perfectly straight cue and not miss a single ball if we fulfill all these requirements, but the chances of achieving it will increase considerably.

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The Main Billiard Billiards Billiards Main Effects Xavier Anton Vall Ramos on Wednesday, April 14, 20104 commentsPermanent LinkIn the game of Billiards, an effect is the rotational movement that the ball makes on itself, while advancing in one direction.The main effects are three: Full ball, Backspin and Running.Full ball: It is the effect that is achieved when we hit the cue ball in the center. In this case the cue ball does not acquire any effect and will continue to move depending on the force with which it has been hit.if the cue ball hits another ball it transmits almost all the force of the hit and stops after impact.Backspin: This is the effect produced when the cue ball is hit below the center.

How do you hit harder in pool?
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