How do you lunge a horse for beginners?

What’s the point of roping a horse

intro by Toms Mateo/0PuntosLike most riders, I had always roped horses in the following way:- I stood still in the center of the arena- I hardly gave many meters of rope- I always did it with the saddle and bit placed on the horse- I took it as a simple release of the horse- I did not measure the times of each air or hand changesUntil Marta Garca Piqueres totally changed my perspective of the foot to ground work.Stand by Me & Marta GP Toms Mateo/0Puntos

It turns out that:- staying still in the center while the horse turns around us is not advisable because the sum of the many short and closed turns that the horse makes, punishes joints, tendons, etc.You have to move forward with the horse and that the path it describes is as wide as possible. To do this, long rope and move the horse in a minimum of 20 m in diameter- To give rope with the saddle on is not at all advisable- It is not a simple release, but a full-fledged training, that is, foot to ground work- And for this you have to structure the work in the different gaits and change hands every so often, among many other factors.All these details are basic, but there are others. I have asked Marta to explain to us how we really have to rope a horse, because well done, it is a fantastic job.

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How to rope a foal for the first time

The thing is that I would like to learn how to rope a horse without using the tralla, the whip or the latigo; and how I can make the horse stop, or change the rhythm when I ask him to, using only the voice or the end of the rope.

To stop him with the rope, put it in a stable saddle or in a special one to give rope, it is culebrea… that is to say, that we shake it lightly up and down, so that it gives soft tugs of the head.

I’ve tried to wind it up a couple of times, but I can’t quite get the hang of it. The last time I only managed to get him out at a walk and trot, but he stopped by himself and I was supposed to get him out at a canter as well because this horse is a bit nervous, so before the lesson I have to wind him up with both hands.

Yes, they ask me to give it to him because the teacher is in the next ring with the more “beginners”. I learned how to wind three classes ago or so, but there are some things that are not clear to me, that’s why I’m asking here

Measured horse riding

In Pavo’s Blog we will talk about this discipline, which has complicated regulations and impossible figures, but the volteadores make them look simple by the fluidity of their movements and the harmony with the horse.

After the bell rings, the participants have one minute to enter the ring and salute. After the salute, the horse and the longueur enter the arena to start the circle and trot. The president of the jury rings the bell again and in less than one minute the exercise must begin. It is considered the beginning when the turner touches the handles of the cinchuelo and from then on he has a limited time to do the exercises.

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Fixed reins are allowed in all levels and Lauffer reins in promotion. Lauffer reins form a sliding triangle on the bit rings, but must not be more than 15 cm apart. Obviously, a long rope is also needed for winding.

Technique and tension of the body, security in each execution, lightness and accuracy in the movements, amplitude of the movements (height and extension in the execution), harmonic transitions and short time spaces between each figure. The marks go from 0 to 10, where 0 is not executed and 10 is outstanding.

What is the name of the horse rope

In rope work, as well as when riding, the horse should be asked to go forward in all transitions, both ascending (walk-trot-canter) and descending (canter-trot-step).

Bridle to give rope at workNormally with 3 pillars of attachment on the upper front part of the horse’s face to avoid hits with the carabiner and a better handling.It can be used with or without bit, using half bridle underneath or acquiring a model with cheeks for fillets.

The best way to move the horse during the rope work is without accessories and with a stable bridle in order to work the horse relaxed before using artificial aids.however, each horse needs a specific work, so nowadays there are many options on the market to work the horse on the rope in different ways.

Tying reinsAuxiliary reins that join the cinchuelo with the horse’s mouth to maintain a stable contact. The softest and most recommendable are the elastic ones due to their more adaptable action to the horse’s movement.

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How do you lunge a horse for beginners?
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