How do you open a hearing aid battery door?

How to change the battery of a hearing aid

At Claube, a specialist hearing center in Hospitalet de Llobregat, we have a wide range of Bernafon hearing aids with Bluetooth technology that improve their functionality. On these lines we tell you the necessary steps to do it, both for Apple devices and Android devices.

When you turn off your hearing aids or your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, they are no longer connected. To reconnect them, turn on your hearing aids by opening and closing the battery door and they will automatically reconnect to your Apple device.

At Claube, hearing aid dispenser in Hospitalet de Llobregat, we invite you to get to know our wide range of Bernafon hearing aids with Bluetooth technology, and we will attend you in a completely personalized way.

Why a hearing aid sounds

One of the main doubts our clients have when they buy their first hearing aid is how to change the battery of their hearing aids. To help you we wanted to make this tutorial that will explain step by step and in a simple way how to change the batteries of your hearing aids.

First of all you have to keep in mind that the battery model varies depending on whether your hearing aids go inside the ear or behind the ear.     It is important to know that each type of hearing aid has a different type of battery.    The batteries used for this type of hearing aid are the 312 type.

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Step 3 – To place it in the hearing aid you have to remove the protective plastic. It is very important that you wait at least one minute for the battery to fully charge. This type of batteries use a charging system that reacts to the contact with the air, so to optimize the battery life you should leave it a little bit outside.

Next, it observes that the battery has two parts: A flat part (positive) and a part with form (negative). When placing it in the hearing aid you have to keep in mind that the flat part should always be facing upwards.

Repair of hearing aids for the deaf

In 2011, the NEMA position came into effect and, at the same time, Rayovac introduced the first mercury-free cochlear implant battery. Since then, many states have passed their own legislation requiring hearing aid batteries to be mercury-free.

Although it may seem complex at first, the vast majority of hearing aid users learn very quickly how to change the batteries and may not even have to think about the operation once it has been internalized.

Properly advising our patients on how to correctly manage their expectations about battery life is an important issue. This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our patients when they start using hearing aids. The truth is that there is no homogeneous answer that works for everyone. This is due to several factors:

Modern hearing aids incorporate many technological features that are highly demanding and require large amounts of energy. Based on this, a new IEC standard was defined which, among other things, requires models 13 (orange) and 312 (brown) to have fifteen minutes of “streaming” without pause and without the hearing aid interrupting its operation.

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Sonic pep 20 manual headset

Yes, Siri is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. Start Siri normally on the iPhone. If the hearing aid is connected to the phone, Siri will detect the caller’s voice with the hearing aid function to pick up the voice.

As for outgoing calls, they must be initiated with the smartphone. Depending on the smartphone settings, the call will be redirected to the Bluetooth hearing aids automatically.

With Sound SHD stream, it is indeed possible to pair the Bluetooth hearing aids with the Stream remote app on up to two phones. Whichever phone the hearing instruments are actively connected to will receive the sound of phone calls. It is recommended to use the Stream remote application only on the primary phone to avoid confusion. With Sound XC and AQ sound XC powered by EXCITE, Sound XC Pro and AQ sound XC Pro powered by EXCITE Pro you can only pair the hearing instruments to one phone.

Two of the three devices listed will connect the hearing instruments to the Stream remote application. The third will allow the user to receive phone calls directly on the phone.

How do you open a hearing aid battery door?
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