How do you open a Unitron hearing aid?

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Both companies present differential proposals for their customers. The former recently launched the MyCore platform, which has the My Voice feature that allows users to hear their own voices naturally. The second stands out for its Flex program, which provides trial devices that patients can take home before purchasing.

O.I.R. works on a shift basis to allow sufficient time to focus on each patient and his or her needs. To complete the service, there is also a reception area with comfortable armchairs, cable TV, wifi, coffee service with capsules and a fridge with mineral water and juices, which patients can use at their discretion.

After-sales service is the other pillar of this offer. “It is what differentiates us from other sales houses. After the purchase, the patient must attend periodic check-ups to evaluate his or her adaptation. In the office we cannot recreate all the environments or daily situations that the patient may experience, so we need a detailed feedback of their experience in order to make the appropriate adjustments in the calibration of the hearing aid,” the speech therapist explained.

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2 Thank you for choosing a remote control for your Unitron hearing aids. At Unitron we care deeply about the hearing loss population. We work closely with audiology professionals to make advanced, purposeful solutions available to everyone. Because hearing matters.

5 Table of contents Your remote control at a glance…2 Turning your remote control on and off…4 Changing the battery…5 Instructions for use…7 Fitting your hearing instruments with the remote control…9 Caring for your remote control…13 Cleaning your remote control…14 Troubleshooting guide…15 Warnings…17 Declaration of conformity…21

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6 Your remote control at a glance 1 On/Off switch – turn your remote control on or off and lock it to avoid unintentional changes. 2 Indicator light – will light up when activating the remote control or pressing any button green light = battery charge OK yellow light = low battery. 3 +/- buttons adjusts the volume of your hearing instruments adjusts the comfort/clarity of your hearing instruments. 4 Program change button – switches your hearing instruments to the next program. 5 Start button – returns your hearing instruments to program and power-on settings. 6 Battery compartment – allows access to change the battery. 2


You can start using the hearing instrument when you see it in MFi Hearing Instruments with a check mark. Control on locked screen is activated. Leave it on to control your hearing device from the locked screen (via the quick accessibility feature) and from the Control Center on iPhone or iPod touch or from the Control Center on iPad.

You can make quick changes to the hearing aid volume and presets directly from the locked screen with the Quick Accessibility feature’s hearing aid button or Control Center.

Lifetime of a hearing aid

The products in the Phonak cleaning and maintenance range have been specially developed for all types of hearing aids and earmolds. They have been tested according to international guidelines for this type of product.

The D-Dry UV-C light kit offers three-in-one maintenance (drying, cleaning and storage) for all types of hearing systems and earmolds. It protects customers’ hearing systems against moisture, a major cause of hearing system failure. UV-C light reduces the build-up of germs and thus the risk of skin infections in and around the ear. For best results, D-Dry should be used on a daily basis.

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How do you open a Unitron hearing aid?
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