How do you use Topspinpro?

Padel topspin

In today’s tennis, it is very important to play hitting the ball with spin, and that flat game of before begins to look less and less, and not because it ceases to like, if not because the ball has to carry more speed and fall in the same place.

The effect, especially the “liftado” or “topspin”, makes the ball spin forward, and this makes it go up, pass the net and fall back into the court, nothing and nothing less than the goal to achieve.

Whenever I think of the “liftado” stroke I remember those scenes in the “Star Wars” movies, where the “Jedi” move their laser swords in a circle and the lasers of the enemies bounce towards them, in the end it is very similar.

To advance, I recommend that you practice the “topspin” stroke, if you get to improve that part of both forehand and backhand, you will soon notice how you perform better in the matches, and therefore you will get better results.

It is true that sometimes you do not have time, but whenever you relax at home you can take the opportunity to do something, for example, while watching TV you can do “biceps” with a dumbbell, or ride a stationary bike itself, the important thing is willpower.

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Most of these skills must be performed in game situations in a fraction of a second and therefore require not only physical ability to perform the skill, but enough practice for the action to be selected and performed unconsciously; that is, it must become an action called “muscle memory”. Achieving this level of skill requires performing many repetitions of each individual skill. In the ideal training environment, these repetitions take place in a short period of time.

US 4,714,248 A discloses a ball return device that automatically ejects a ball toward a player when the distance between the player and the return device is within an acceptable distance zone.

A device for sending a ball is described as being provided. The device includes an accelerator that accelerates and sends the ball with selectable motion characteristics, such as linear acceleration and angular acceleration.

How do you use Topspinpro?
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