How long do bernafon hearing aids last?

How long do samsung headphones last

Rechargeable hearing aids are proving to be the most popular among hearing aid users every day. Top hearing aid brands have taken notice and are introducing more and more battery-free hearing aid models.

The Starkey brand introduced in 2018 a rechargeable hearing aid that works with lithium ions, in addition Resound also introduced it in the Linx Quattro model, so it seems that all brands will introduce it.

This material was not the most suitable for many people: the charge did not usually last all day, especially if you used any audio streaming. All these problems disappeared with the introduction of lithium-ion and silver-zinc rechargeable battery systems.

This is the preferred option for manufacturers and users. Most hearing aid brands are switching to lithium-ion technology.    These types of batteries are based on those used for cell phones. They are able to provide a higher staying power compared to other types of batteries.


Siemens hearing aids is one of the best brands of digital hearing aids for the deaf. In addition, if you are looking for value for money, Siemens hearing aids are your best option. They also adapt to all types of hearing loss. From the mildest to the most moderate or the most severe types of deafness.

Ask for a referral to a recognized audiologist. The audiologist will evaluate your hearing, help you choose the most appropriate hearing aid and adjust the device to fit your needs. If you have a hearing loss in both ears, you will get better results with two hearing aids.

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Bernafon’s invisible hearing aids are available from €920 to €2,500. Custom hearing aids from the Interton brand are available from 700 to as much as 2,000 euros depending on the range of the hearing aid. euros in a basic range up to 3,000 euros in a premium range.

Medicated hearing aids are the most suitable hearing devices for hearing loss. Microphone: this is the part of the hearing aid that receives sounds. It is responsible for transforming sound waves into electrical impulses.

How long headphones last

Sticks are a product that you will have a hard time finding nowadays, because they have started to be withdrawn from the market. There are only a few supplies left at the professional level. As they are not easy to use, some patients make mistakes when using them.

To avoid such cases, they have been replaced by the blower knob, which expels the debris that may remain inside the tube, but by means of insufflated air. You can see it in this link: blower knob.

You can consult the Instructions for Use in the Cleaning and Maintenance of Hearing Aids in our EXPERTUS Section, as well as the other Cleaning products (Cleaning Wipes, Intracanal sprays, Earmold Cleaning Tablets, Blower Knobs to extract the humidity from the tube, etc).

Indeed, the batteries in the bag can discharge very easily. Not only by contact with metal objects, or keys with magnets (garage keys, car keys, etc.), but also by the proximity of cell phones (the most common reason) and changes in temperature and humidity.

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The most common solution to hearing loss is the use of hearing aids, but what do I need to know before buying them? We solve some of the most common doubts, but the ideal is not to take the step until everything is clear.

The truth is that if you go to a Professional Hearing Center they will solve all your doubts. From the following link we can indicate trustworthy hearing centers where you will be attended as you deserve. You only need to indicate your locality and we will send you the addresses of the cabinets close to your locality: Location of Hearing Centers.

If your hearing center is not multi-brand, it is possible that they only deal with hearing aids of their own brand, so you may be limited both when choosing hearing aids and when it comes to servicing them.

Hearing center professionals have a vocation and training with a single objective: the care of your hearing health and therefore they are the best qualified people to recommend the hearing aids you need. Trusting these professionals is usually a wise decision.

How long do bernafon hearing aids last?
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