How long does it take to get used to wearing hearing aids?

How long does it take to get used to wearing hearing aids?

How to calibrate hearing aids for deafness

It is suggested to start with gradual use of the hearing aids. This means that you should start using your hearing aids in quieter environments, such as at home or in face-to-face conversations with friends or family.

After that, gradual use in situations where there may be more noise or more bustle is recommended. And that is until they end up being used throughout the day. In this way, the user becomes accustomed to the various sounds and volume differences to which he or she is exposed in everyday situations.

When a person wears hearing aids for the first time, it is normal to think that the volume of the hearing aids is too high at first. This is because they hear sounds that they did not even perceive before. One solution to help the adaptation process is to adjust the volume, starting at the lowest setting and gradually increasing it until it is set at the appropriate level for each patient.

Just as it is recommended to discuss with a professional the sensations after using the hearing aids, it is also possible to talk about the previous sensations. Why? Because this is a psychological process. So talking to a hearing health expert, or even a psychologist, about this situation can help to manage it.

Modern hearing aids

The first experiences mark the successful fitting of hearing aids. We have compiled some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your hearing systems. Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by your modern hearing solution.

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As a hearing system user, you have several possibilities to improve your hearing and understanding when using the telephone. Your hearing system specialist will advise you on the best solution for you.

If your hearing loss is bilateral, it is necessary to fit and adjust a hearing aid in each ear. You will notice a whole new level of hearing. Humans have two ears for a good reason, so if you have a hearing loss in both ears it makes sense to wear two hearing aids.

Why hearing aids beep

Hearing aids can mark a before and after in the life of the person who becomes a user of these devices.    And while it is true that today’s hearing aids have little to do with the models of the past in terms of both technology and aesthetics, they still require a period of adaptation on the part of the user. All people who must use hearing aids for the first time must do so with realistic expectations.

But there is still a step prior to adaptation, and that is acceptance. This means that there comes a time when the hearing impaired person must accept the fact of wearing hearing aids, if necessary. Hearing care professionals are the professionals authorized to recommend the use of hearing aids after performing hearing tests, which will determine the degree of hearing loss.

It is a proven fact that hearing loss has several negative consequences that will vary depending on the person, but in most cases those affected may experience social, psychological and even psychological problems. Family members or people close to someone with an untreated hearing loss play a very important role in making them understand, with sensitivity, that remedying the hearing problem will improve their lives in many ways.

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How to adapt to hearing aids

You go to a hearing center with the idea of recovering your hearing, you choose the hearing aid that your ear needs and finally the audiologist carries out the adaptation. But you go out and you are faced with the reality, you do not hear as you “should”. You notice constant background noise in your ear, hissing sounds, whistling, ringing, buzzing, interference or voices that are too loud.

One of the biggest conflicts people face when getting hearing aids is fitting them. Expectations at this point are so high that they expect the device to restore their hearing to 100%, but unfortunately this is not the case. Once the auditory system has begun to show a decline, it is possible to slow it down, but you will never hear as you did before.

The auditory system is complex and depending on where the affected area is located, hearing loss can have a direct impact on comprehension, such as sensorineural hearing loss. These derive from a lesion in the inner ear that connects the ear with our brain, and prevents the proper transmission of sounds.  For this reason, people with sensorineural hearing loss are more often confronted with hearing without understanding.

How long does it take to get used to wearing hearing aids?
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