How much are batteries for hearing aids?

Hearing aid batteries 312 prices

Due to new directives communicated by social security to all health care professionals, we have been forced to discontinue sending out reimbursement forms for hearing aid batteries.

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Number 13 hearing aid batteries

Usually the producer of the hearing aid indicates us in the manual of the manufacturer in a clear way which model of batteries to use in our device. It may refer to a specific model and there are several ways to find out which model is compatible.

The duration of the hearing aid batteries is variable depending on the use, and the environment in which it is used. If you use them intensively, a set of 2 batteries, which is the standard for modern digital hearing aids, should last you a couple of days. A box of 60 batteries is usually more than enough for a whole month of use.

Rechargeable 312 battery

Today’s rechargeable hearing systems are much more technologically advanced than they used to be. Simply by recharging them, they allow you to go about your day without worrying about running out of battery power.

While many hearing aids come with disposable batteries, battery-free hearing aids, as rechargeable hearing aids are often referred to, are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to enjoy superior sound quality without the need to purchase and regularly change hearing aid batteries.

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Rechargeable hearing aids can be inserted into a recharging unit at night or when not in use. The built-in battery in the hearing aid means that there is no need to worry about the battery running out, and no more changing hearing aid batteries.

Traditionally, batteries were produced with nickel metal hydride (NiMH). Now, they use lithium-ion or silver-zinc battery technology, which has completely changed the performance of these hearing aids.

Hearing aid batteries price

Most of the hearing aids we currently use need batteries to work. Hearing aid batteries are different from standard batteries. They are Zinc-Air batteries and use a different technology.

Many people who use hearing aids are concerned about how many batteries they will waste in their hearing aid.    It is normal to be concerned that you do not have to make an excessive investment in hearing aid batteries.

The life of hearing aid batteries will be affected by the factors we have named above but also by the size of the battery. It is therefore quite difficult to dictate how many batteries a hearing aid will use.

How much are batteries for hearing aids?
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