How much does a Hippotherapist make?

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Treatments to combat psychological and social problems are varied, but one of them is equine therapy, a type of therapy that uses horses to help people move forward.

As soon as an individual comes into contact with a horse, his or her relationship patterns are completely modified. People with psychological disorders, behavioral problems and self-esteem find in the horse a special ally, with whom they can be authentic, are not afraid of being judged and feel free to act.

This is how people who are released from prison and need rehabilitation, drug addicts, people suffering from autism, low self-esteem, aggression, lack of affection and many other problems, find in the horse a fundamental ally from which to learn a lot, to play a revenge as active protagonists of society.

-It transmits its body heat. (38°) that passes to the pelvic girdle and legs. – Its rhythmic impulse (90 to 110 per minute) is transmitted to the patient’s pelvic girdle and passes through the spine to the head. – Transmission of a locomotion pattern, equivalent to the physiological pattern of human walking. A series of three-dimensional oscillations, such as forward and backward movement, elevation, descent, displacement, are recorded in the brain and become automated over time.

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zaldiharana’s new infrastructure will allow it to improve the care it currently provides to 22 families, which is based on hippotherapy, taking advantage of the movement and warmth of horses. With a view to the future, the center aims to become a day center and a training reference in hippotherapy.

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Let’s see the answers to these and more questions to better understand what this therapy consists of, in which the horse is the main and most important element contributing to the integration and socialization of disabled people.

Equine therapy is developed in a specific environment and conditions, and this requires specialized professionals with equestrian skills and knowledge of physiotherapy, psychology and pedagogy.

In short, people capable of developing equine therapy, need a special preparation to deal with patients with motor or intellectual disabilities in a different and special environment, such as the equine.

The association Equitation as Therapy is one of the great options for people with functional disabilities. Its objective is none other than to help them to break down the barriers of everyday life through equine therapy. A great challenge for which they work every day.

It is assisted therapies with horses to carry out rehabilitation and what the user needs at the time of life in which it is. This rehabilitation is carried out through games with hoops, colored balls or objects that emit sounds, so that, in this way, they obtain greater balance and reaction.

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In our equestrian center we seek to transmit the classical values of riding while applying the current methods of modern training in the Olympic disciplines of jumping and dressage to competition level.

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PUPILAJEServicios de Pupilaje in boxes prepared and conditioned for your horses Equinoterapia Discover the benefits and all the services of therapies with horses and adapted riding Routes and ExcursionsWe offer organized routes and excursions, prepared and designed for lovers of nature and horses.

Arrocha Equitation believes 100% in the therapies with horses, therefore our specialized technicians have the training and knowledge to give hippotherapy or equine therapy. With these therapies young people and adults with physical or psychological problems improve social, cognitive or neuromuscular aspects.

How much does a Hippotherapist make?
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