How much does a Siemens hearing aid cost?

Signia pure 312 nx price

If your hearing aid is probably not working, you may need a replacement part or a simple repair. In fact, the vast majority of hearing aid repairs are due to the following problems:

Regular hearing aid maintenance can help prevent the need for repair services, which is good news for hearing aid wearers! By leaving the battery compartment door open overnight, for example, you can allow excess moisture to evaporate, thus preventing a buildup of water inside the hearing aid itself.

By routinely cleaning your devices, you can prevent this from happening and avoid the need for specialized repairs. In addition, your audiologist can use specialized cleaning tools to perform quick on-site repairs.


The Signia Silk 7 X hearing aid is a hybrid model between CIC and RIC, since it is an in-the-ear hearing aid and is not custom-made. This allows for immediate, discreet and even invisible to the naked eye. The perfect fit inside the ear canal creates natural hearing based on perfect sound. Their audiological performance is unmatched thanks to the new Signia Silk technology and OneMic binaural directionality available in binaural fittings. They also feature compatibility through Signia Apps with smart electronic devices such as smartphones.

Color coding is so easy that you will never make a mistake between the right and left ear hearing aid. Red color for the right ear and blue for the left ear. So simple to remember that it helps you quickly fit your hearing aids correctly and easily.

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When you are wearing Signia Silk X hearing aids, the sensation is of crystal clear sound coming in with a natural flow. In any situation, whether on a busy street, in an office, or in a crowded restaurant. In any space where there is a high level of ambient noise, if you are having a conversation, it demands concentration and effort. Siemens Signia Silk expertly addresses these challenges by replicating the natural way we localize sound. The new Signia Silk hearing aids focus on what’s important, your conversation with the other person, while filtering out unwanted background noise. You hear more clearly what you want to hear, all day long and in all situations.


We work every day so that you always have access to the best technology and the most specialized care in the market. By entrusting us with your hearing health, you become part of a big family. At Audiser:

Hearing Aids for the Deaf for sale, hearing solutions at the best prices.    Audiser has offices in: Bogota, Medellin and Ibague. We are distributors of the best brands of hearing aids for hearing loss, we offer the service of adaptation of medicated hearing aids at home in Colombia; we have the solution that best adapts to your hearing loss, whatever the degree of hearing loss, our hearing professionals will help you in the choice and adaptation of your medicated hearing aids.

LIVIO AIA hearing aids for deafness with Artificial IntelligenceLivio AI hearing aid was named one of TIME magazine’s 100 best inventions of 2019.Livio AI not only sounds amazing, but as the world’s first medicated Healthable hearing aid, it allows users to take a proactive approach to their hearing and wellness with brain and body activity tracking, fall detection, alerts and more.Learn more

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Siemens hearing aids prices peru

The Siemens Motion Primax hearing aid is the perfect choice for people with severe hearing loss. Thanks to SPEECH technology, full wireless support, applications and accessories, it is an easy-to-use hearing aid.

Hearing instruments need accessories to take full advantage of the performance and functionality of the hearing instrument itself. Here are just a few accessories that will help you in your day-to-day life with your hearing instrument.

The Siemens Motion Primax hearing aid is generally indicated to treat severe and profound hearing loss. This type of hearing aid is fully equipped and perfectly adapted to noisy environments.

Ask for your free hearing test now and find out what type of hearing impairment you have. In addition, when you buy your hearing aid, you will enjoy a hearing check-up every three months in our hearing centers. Request your audiometry now to solve your hearing loss!

How much does a Siemens hearing aid cost?
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