How much is the BC child care subsidy?

How much is the BC child care subsidy?

Recommendations for the elderly caregiver

There are many state aids that are being agglutinated in the Minimum Vital Income (IMV). Among them, the “aid for a child or dependent minor” without disability or with a disability of less than 33%. Previously, families with a minor child without disability or with 33% disability received 1000 euros per year. Now, this aid does not exist and has been transferred to the IMV.

Previously, in order to receive the child or dependent child allowance, the maximum income limit was lower. With one child it was 12,877 euros and with two children it was 15,098 euros. With the IMV, more leeway is given, since with one child there is a limit of 23,684 euros or with two children and two parents the limit is 37,218 euros.

To receive this aid, the requirement of having a low income is limited in the income of 27,000 euros per year in single-parent families or families formed by two parents and one child and in 32,100 euros in those formed by two parents and two children or more.

Since January 1, 2021, both paternity and maternity leave are equal: both men and women can take 16 weeks of leave to care for their children after birth or adoption. The pay is the same as if the parents were working.

Child care centers

The salary of caregivers is only determined on the basis of the SMI when we are talking about full-time caregivers or live-in caregivers. In any other modality the remuneration is €5.54 per hour, which is higher than the minimum professional wage.

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In short, when hiring a domestic employee or a caregiver for 40 hours, her salary is the SMI, but if a caregiver is hired for 39 hours, her salary will be higher, since it is calculated by the hour. It seems that they are looking for incentives to hire full time or as an intern, since it is more economical for the family than hiring part time.

Thesis on caregiver overload

3) For those workers included in article 38 N°7 of the Labor Code who work in shopping malls, centers or commercial complexes managed under the same company name or legal personality, the day 19.12.2021 constitutes a mandatory holiday.

4) The duration of the rest corresponding to the day of the election is governed by the provisions of Article 36 of the Labor Code, consequently, the rest shall begin no later than 21:00 hours on Saturday, 18.12.2021 and end at least at 06:00 hours on Monday, 20.12. 2021, unless the respective workers are subject to rotating work shifts, in which case they may render their services between 21:00 hours and 24:00 hours on Saturday, 18.12.2021 and between 0:00 hours and 06:00 hours on Monday, 20.12.2021, provided that the shift falls within these time periods.

5) Any employee who, due to the nature of his/her duties, is exempted from rest on Sundays and holidays, shall work on 19.12.2021. However, this type of worker has the right to be absent from work for at least two hours, without his absence meaning a reduction in his remuneration, and without the employer being able to prevent or hinder the worker’s attendance to cast his vote.

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Elder caregiver burden

Canada ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women on December 10, 1981 and submitted its initial report in June 1983, its second report in January 1988, its third report in September 1992 and its fourth report in September 1995. This is Canada’s fifth report under the Convention; it covers primarily the period from March 31, 1994 to March 31, 1998 (with some references to developments of special interest that have occurred since then).

Information concerning Canada’s political and legal structure is presented in the Background Paper forming an integral part of the reports of States Parties: Canada, submitted by Canada to the United Nations in 1997, which forms part of Canada’s periodic reports under the international human rights treaties.

Additional information concerning the situation of women in Canada can be found in Canada’s response to the United Nations questionnaire on the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action.

How much is the BC child care subsidy?
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