How often should hearing aids be checked?

How often should hearing aids be checked?

Medicated hearing aids

A hearing aid is an electronic device worn in or behind the ear. It amplifies certain sounds, and making them louder makes them easier to hear. Thus, a person with hearing loss can hear more clearly, communicate better and participate more fully in the activities of daily living. Hearing aids can help many people hear better in quiet or noisy environments. However, only one in five people who would benefit from wearing hearing aids use them.

If you think you have a hearing loss and that wearing hearing aids may help, talk to your doctor. In turn, your physician may refer you to an otolaryngologist or audiologist. An otolaryngologist is a physician who specializes in ear, nose and throat disorders (ear, nose and throat doctor, ENT). The otolaryngologist will investigate the cause of your hearing loss. The audiologist is a hearing health professional who will evaluate you to identify what type of hearing loss you have and how severe it is.

Hearing aids for seniors

As you enter the world of personal audio, one of the most frequent questions that may cross your mind before purchasing headphones is precisely that: Which headphones are right for me? Apart from the type of sound, there are many characteristics that differentiate one headphone from another.

In terms of shape, there are 3 main types of headphones: Over-ear (Circumaural or around the ear), On-ear (Supraural or over the ear) and In-ear (Intraural or inside the ear). Each of these has different characteristics:

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A good example can be the V-Moda LP2, which have an amazing sound and are some of the best you can find in their category, with bass that is powerful, but well defined; these make headphones from popular brands such as Beats, Bose. or Sennheiser bite the dust.

The Soul Loop are excellent on-ear headphones, which besides being lightweight, foldable, highly portable and economical, produce an extraordinary sound quality with a bass rarely seen.

Inner earphones

An excellent piece of advice often given by hearing aid users is to be patient and focus on progressive improvements. Everyone’s learning curve is different, so it may take several weeks to several months before you feel completely comfortable with your new hearing aid. Research shows that experienced hearing aid users are more likely to be satisfied with their device than new users, which is not surprising.

Problems with hearing aids can result in users not wearing them, thus defeating their purpose. A study looking at non-use of hearing aids revealed several common problems. The two main problems reported by users were inadequate speech clarity and less than satisfactory fit and comfort. These are other problems that were reported:

Additional studies have revealed that working with a hearing health professional on practical issues such as fitting and removal of hearing aids, their functions, and maintenance was key to improving the experience of new users. This research suggests that support and counseling may be more important than expensive modern technology in terms of increasing satisfaction and use of hearing aids.

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Hearing aids for deafness

Gaming headphones have not remained oblivious to this trend. Currently there are dozens of brands with flashy and colorful proposals that promise us an unparalleled experience. Some even assure us that with their headphones we will acquire a clear competitive advantage over our rivals. So much noise for, often, so few nuts. Gaming headsets are first and foremost headsets, and the most important thing is their sound. We hope this article will help you find yours without difficulty.

Once we have given sound quality the importance it deserves we can turn our attention to other features that should also be present in a good gaming headset. Two of the most relevant are its ergonomics and its ability to isolate us from the environment in which we are playing to get us immersed in the action of the game we are enjoying. And this brings us fully into the field of headset architecture.

How often should hearing aids be checked?
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