Is growing a tobacco plant illegal?

It is legal to plant tobacco in Argentina

It will be understood that they commit the crime of drug trafficking, those who, without having the competent authorization, import, export, transport, acquire, transfer, subtract, possess, supply, keep or carry such harmful substances or the raw materials for their elaboration.

Our legislation does not address the relationship between drug use and the world of work. That is up to each workplace. Each company is responsible for defining its own policy of prevention, control, rehabilitation and sanctions for cases of drug addiction.

Tobacco plant price

The ideal finishing temperature is 20º C at night and 30º C during the day. Tobacco prefers a rich, well-drained soil although it will do well even in poor soils. The ideal soil pH for tobacco is as follows (may vary depending on the variety):

Depending on the tobacco variety and growing conditions it can be estimated that each plant will produce enough tobacco to make 5 packs of cigarettes. Plants should be spaced about 2 feet apart with rows 3 feet wide.

Seeds take 3 days to 2 weeks to germinate depending on the variety and freshness of the seeds. Germinate seeds in the dark to speed germination. Once the seeds have germinated move them into the light or the stems will elongate and the plants will droop. Do not overwater the seedlings. Allow the soil to dry out somewhat before watering or the seedlings may be attacked by fungus at the base of the stem and die quickly. Keep plants in a heated greenhouse, indoors behind a sunny window or using artificial light. White fluorescent light works well but you need to keep the bulbs close to the top of the plants.

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Tobacco plant in the orchard

For a better chance that the crop will be effective, it is advisable that, before transplanting to our garden or orchard, we let them spend some time in a larger pot, so that the roots grow, become stronger and can develop better when we take them to the garden:Keep the plants for another month inside the house, watering them in the same way we have explained in the previous step.You may also be interested in How to make natural fertilizer.

When 4 weeks have passed, it is time to transplant the sprouts to your vegetable garden or garden. To do this, you must follow these steps:We recommend that you use fertilizer, you can use any that is suitable for foods such as tomatoes or potatoes, because as we explained before is a plant that consumes a lot of nutrients.We also advise you that the first week after transplanting the plants outdoors keep watering every day, but without soaking the soil, just moistening it. After those first 7 days, you can space out the watering more, depending on the humidity of the soil.

Cuanto tabaco produce una planta

En este trabajo se analiza la estrecha relación entre el intento de cultivo de tabaco en España, que se produce en la primera mitad del siglo XIX, especialmente durante 1824-1833, y la dificultad de implementar nuevas fórmulas para abastecer la renta del tabaco, una vez que se produce la disolución de la Fábrica de La Habana y culmina el proceso de independencia de las colonias americanas. En ese camino hacia una nueva formulación colonial, en la que España intentará seguir las pautas de los imperios coloniales británico y francés, el tabaco, como producto estratégico de la hacienda española, sigue jugando un papel fundamental que ha de ser redefinido, tanto en la metrópoli, como en los espacios coloniales.

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Este trabajo forma parte del proyecto de investigación “La configuración de los espacios atlánticos ibéricos. De políticas imperiales a políticas nacionales en torno al tabaco. Siglos XVII-XIX”. HAR 2015-66142R.

21Como es conocido el espíritu de la reforma de López Ballesteros fue primordialmente intentar un incremento de los ingresos, volviendo a la situación anterior a la reforma de Martín de Garay, aunque el fracaso de este propósito condujera inevitablemente a una política de reducción de gastos (Presupuesto de gastos de 1/05/1828), y a hacer frente al arreglo de la deuda (Caja de amortización):

Is growing a tobacco plant illegal?
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