Is growing your own tobacco healthier?

Is growing your own tobacco healthier?

Tobacco planting time

In the orchard we can see bugs of different colors that we do not know what they can be, allies or enemies? In today’s article we are going to know some bugs that we can find in red color in the …

A pond in the garden or in an organic garden serves many functions. Apart from the beauty of it and the tranquility that gives to sit on the edge and contemplate it, watching as it is forming an ecologic …

As in all the crops that we will be publishing in Toni’s garden, we will dedicate an article to learn how we can get their seeds so that we can sow them in the following season and thus be more self-sufficient. Completing the circle, in addition, each time we will be getting crops more adapted to our climate and garden, which will make plants more resistant and productive.

First of all, a seedbed is a container where plant seeds are sown so that when they are a bit bigger, they can be transplanted in the ground or in pots. In this article we will learn how to make a chili bell pepper seedbed, a creative and economical proposal because if you manage to sow your chili peppers, you will not have to buy them again at the supermarket. Types of seedbeds

Hydroponic tobacco

No matter what you grow, nature will always threaten your garden. This happens everywhere in the world, and what you can always expect is pests, fungi and diseases. The important thing is what you are going to do about it. To avoid pests (such as whiteflies, mealy bugs, caterpillars and slugs), the best thing you can do is to spray them every twenty days. You can use a mixture of garlic, chili and rue leaves (simply put it all in a blender, filter it and put it in a spray bottle), and, so that the pests don’t get used to these aromas, you can alternate with neem oil diluted in water (which you can find in farm stores) or tobacco tea. This will not kill the pests, it will simply scare them away, so there is no drama.

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It is also advisable to plant aromatic plants next to fruit plants, such as tomatoes. Plant chamomile, rosemary, basil or cannabis plants near your fruit crops, and you’ll notice how insects avoid getting close to attacking your food.

Tobacco harvest

Tobacco is a plant cultivated throughout almost the entire planet, in a wide variety of soils, climates, temperatures, humidity, fertilizers, etc. that determine the quality and final characteristics of the product.

The type of soil in which it is grown in our country is very wide. The plant adapts to a wide range of soils. However, sandy loam soils are more suitable for Virginia type tobacco, while clay loam and silt loam (1) are more suitable for Burley tobacco.

Tobacco is a subtropical climate plant. In its native environment it rains every 2 or 3 days and the skies are almost always cloudy, so the ambient humidity is high. Irrigation is perhaps the most limiting factor for the crop, both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. Irrigation flow rates, frequency and quality of irrigation water have a direct impact on the qualities of the tobacco leaf and are detrimental to the final product if they are not appropriate to the type of soil and crop conditions at any given time.

What climate tobacco needs

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, eggplants, beans and peas are plants that have deep roots that like to occupy a good space. For this reason, they require a minimum pot volume of 16 liters.

They provide excellent drainage and promote healthy root development. They have the advantage that they can be washed and stored when not in use. This one is 16 liters, which makes it perfect for tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.

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The best option for planting them is, as with lettuces, several in one container. I personally use a 12 liter planter like this one, which gives me two rows of these root crops. I usually mix radishes with beets or carrots.

Felt vertical gardens are the most professional. They adapt to almost any surface and are very durable. They are made of a specific felt that prevents the development of bacteria and fungi. They can be purchased prefabricated with standard or custom sizes.

Whether you have decided on a growing table or pots, it is just as important to choose what best suits your situation as the location of your containers. You must keep in mind that agricultural crops need many hours of light.

Is growing your own tobacco healthier?
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