Is skate size the same as shoe size?

Is skate size the same as shoe size?

Skates sizes in mexico

The difficulty that we find when buying skates online is to choose the right size. Each brand of skates or model, is manufactured with a different last, so many times we can have different sizes in different models of skates. The best way to know our size is to measure our foot to know the cm it measures.

From PatinAventura we want to help you to choose your skates. For that reason, we advise you that before buying skates online you measure both feet as we show in the graph.

We will rest the heel on a wall and measure from the heel to the longest toe of our feet. We have to measure first one and then the other, since we usually have one foot larger than the other.

Once we have the measurement we will add between 0.5 and 1 centimeter depending on whether we like to wear the skates more or less tight and if we have a wide or narrow last. Also keep in mind that the skates tend to yield approximately 3mm with the same use and also with thermo moldable inner booties that are molded with the same body heat.

Size m in skates, what size is it?

First, because skates are worn tight to the feet, but without getting to the point of causing unbearable pain. We’re used to our sneakers fitting loose or baggy for comfort, but it’s different with skates. The tighter (but not painful) it is, the more maneuverability you will have. Likewise, if you take a fall, your stiff ankle has less chance of bending and spraining. Therefore, adjust the fasteners well when you try them on in the store.

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The size you wear in sneakers or shoes is a reference. If I wear a size 42, it is impossible for me to buy size 38 skates. Following the example, you may use a skate of the same size, maybe one size more or less, you could even use a 40.5 (this varies depending on the shape of your foot and the characteristics of each brand or the specific skate model). However, it is not recommended because it can lead to possible accidents and a not very pleasant ride.

If you are going to buy your skates online or want to have a clearer idea of your skate size, here is a reference table that you can consult to be more sure. Just measure your foot in centimeters (cm) and look for the equivalence.

Table of skate size equivalences

Trying on skates and boots in person before buying them is the best way to get the right fit, but if you are buying from a distance you must take the correct measurements of your feet, here we tell you how.

When you are going to buy ice skates or figure skating boots you must keep in mind that the size of skates is not the same as the size of your shoes, because skates and skating boots are manufactured differently than your shoes. In addition, each brand of skates and skating boots has its own sizing guide. To reduce the margin of error in sizing as much as possible, it is necessary that you measure both feet correctly.

When measuring your feet, remember to wear the socks or tights that you will use when wearing your boots or skates. Remember also that the important measurements to obtain are the length of both feet, although taking advantage of the opportunity we recommend you also take the width of the feet.

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It is best to get the measurements in both inches and millimeters, because although most brands of skates and skating boots base their sizes in inches, some also use millimeters.

Skate sizes s m l

WHAT AND HOW TO BUYWe answer frequently asked questions from those who enter the world of roller figure skating or those who want to buy skates on our website for the first time.

The answers are extensive and dedicated so there is a lot to read and we hope you find it useful.  I shared this section1A) I want to buy a pair of skates for my child. How much do skates cost?

There is no universal skate that fits all skaters. When deciding on a pair of skates, you should consider factors such as: age, previous skating experience, intended use (recreational, artistic, school, competition, street/track, etc.), and expectations of progress in the activity.

Figure skating requires precise control of the skate and this control cannot be achieved if any of these elements are not adequate to fulfill their function. The use of these figure skating skates significantly delays learning, which may even discourage the child from continuing with the activity.

Is skate size the same as shoe size?
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