Is wearing a hearing aid a disability?

Is wearing a hearing aid a disability?

Hearing loss percentage chart

The cochlear implant has two main components: the parts that are surgically inserted into the ear and the parts that are worn outside the ear after the operation. The outer parts of the ear send sound to the inner components.

Medication or surgery can also help people with hearing impairment. This is especially true for people who have conductive hearing loss, or when part of the outer or middle ear is affected.

One type of conductive hearing loss can be caused by a chronic ear infection. A chronic ear infection is a buildup of fluid behind the eardrum, in the vestibule of the middle ear. Most ear infections can be controlled with medication or careful medical surveillance. Infections that are not cured by medication can be treated with simple surgery that involves placing a tiny tube in the eardrum to drain the fluid.

Another type of conductive hearing loss may be because part of the outer or middle ear did not form properly when the baby was pregnant. Several parts of the outer and middle ear need to work together to send sound to the inner ear. If any of these parts did not form properly, there may be hearing loss in the affected ear. This deficiency can be lessened and perhaps even corrected by surgery. An otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor) is usually the doctor who treats hearing problems.

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Types of hearing impairment

When we perform a tonal audiometry, that is, with pure sounds, there is a moment when we are able to identify the sound of the stimulus with the minimum intensity. This is our hearing threshold for that frequency.

The audiometric graph is governed by a consensus when defining decibels. In other words, 0 on the graph is not the absence of sound, but an average of normality has been calculated among audiologically healthy patients, which ranges between 0 and 25 dB on the audiometric graph.

Currently, the degree of disability is calculated according to ROYAL DECREE 1971/1999, of December 23, 1999, on the procedure for the recognition, declaration and qualification of the degree of disability, published in the Official State Gazette of January 26, 2000.

The degree of disability due to hearing loss is calculated by means of a liminal tonal audiometry. The measurement is made by calculating the loss in decibels at four frequencies (500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 Hz), which are the so-called conversational frequencies (i.e., those that are important for understanding spoken language).

Argentine Hearing Impairment Calculator

Research on how the brain is affected byIn SID we suggest using the word or expression Has… instead. hearing loss is growing. For example, researchers around the world are showing that declining hearing levels are associated with an increased risk of depression and serious cognitive conditions, including dementia.  There is also increasing evidence that failure to treat this issue early will lead to changes in the brain.

Oticon develops innovative technologies that support the brain’s ability to make sense of sound, such as its BrainHearing ™ research. This week dedicated to brain awareness gives us the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of good hearing to keep this organ healthy and active, says Behrens.

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Hearing Impairment Pension: How much is it paid?

So that you know what to expect in Germany before you decide to travel and so that you can also plan your stay well with all organizational needs, we have put together practical information for you in a separate section. Here you will find the most important information, especially for hearing-impaired guests:

Deutsche Bahn has compiled information especially for hearing-impaired passengers. Deutsche Bahn information for hearing-impaired passengersYou can find more information under Barrier-free travel and mobility.

Anyone who is unable to make an emergency call by telephone can reach emergency control centers quickly and autonomously via an SOS app developed in Germany. More information about the SOS HandHelp App.

Is wearing a hearing aid a disability?
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