Should you sit or stand when wiping?

Preventive measures for working while standing

Maintaining intimate hygiene is important for our health and well-being. And when it comes to cleanliness, the anus can often become a problem area. Sometimes if we do not clean it properly, fecal debris can accumulate in the area causing irritation and discomfort, and causing bad odor. That is why at we explain how to clean your anus properly and stay healthy.

It is important that before cleaning your anus you make sure you have finished evacuating, this way you will not have to perform the hygiene and then repeat it again. Take your time, it is necessary to make sure that you have had a complete bowel movement.

The first thing we recommend is that you invest in a good toilet paper. To avoid rubbing, wounds, discomfort and even hemorrhoids, it is advisable to choose a soft, thick-sheet toilet paper, which will allow you to spend less and above all guarantee gentleness.

It is not necessary to use the whole roll of toilet paper to clean your anus, much less if it is of good quality. It is enough to take about three squares of paper to start the procedure. You should know that the best way to clean your anus well is to remain seated, since standing up you do not have the same reach.

Occupational diseases caused by working while standing

Maintaining a correct posture, paying attention to the repetitive movements involved in household chores, as well as using the right accessories to clean your house, is essential to prevent and avoid musculoskeletal injuries.

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Tasks as simple and routine as making the bed, cooking or cleaning the window panes can trigger back pain due to joint, tendon, ligament and muscle problems, either because of poor execution or because they are repetitive movements.

When mopping the floor, it is recommended that the length of the mop or brush be high enough so that it is not necessary to bend down. José Santos warns of the risks of tasks that require us to remain bent over for a long time, such as picking things up from the floor or doing the laundry. “For example, to select the clothes we want to put in the washing machine, it is better to sit on the floor directly so as not to remain in a harmful posture. Likewise, when picking up something from the floor that doesn’t require us to sit down, it’s better to bend your knees so you don’t have to bend your back,” he warns.

Ergonomic footwork

The Qur’an has explained in a general way the manner of performing Wudu, and its details have been presented in Islamic Hadith. Scholars of Islamic ethics and the Imams of Shi’ism have emphasized the importance of performing Wudu at all times of the day and night. Muslims believe that these ablutions purify the body and soul. The Persians would just wet the hand and wipe it three times over the head and feet.[3] The Persians would also perform the Wudu at any time of the day or night.

Said the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him: “My nation will arrive on the Day of Resurrection like horses with light spots on their foreheads and legs; so whoever can from among you spread their light spots, then let him do so” [Muttafaq ‘alaih].

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Said the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, “Shall I indicate to you something by which Allah erases sins and raises the ranks of the people thereby?” they said to him, “Of course, Messenger of Allah!” And he said to them, “Doing wudu’ well in difficult circumstances [ Difficult circumstances make it more difficult and meritorious to do a good wudu’ ] , go to the mosque a lot and wait there between one prayer and the next. That is Ribat (permanent service to the cause of Allah in the borders)” [Muslim quoted him].

Work standing up for 12 hours

trabajosdepie848Working while standing: risks, tips and preventive measuresPublished on May 22, 2018ERGONOMICS – PREVENTION TRAINING – WORKPLACE HAZARD ASSESSMENTWorking while standing for long periods of time can cause health problems for employees. What risks do they face when spending so much time standing? What preventive measures can be used to mitigate them? Working while standing for long periods of time can cause health problems for employees if the right preventive measures are not taken. Although standing upright is a natural position for human beings, keeping the body constantly in an upright position involves significant muscular strain, especially in the back, neck and leg areas.

In many sectors and professions, working while standing is indispensable for the correct performance of tasks. Examples include many retail businesses, but also security personnel, museum guards and even healthcare professionals such as laboratory technicians or nurses.

Should you sit or stand when wiping?
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