What are 5 ways to meditate?

What are 5 ways to meditate?

Types of meditation and how to do them

One of the objectives that every human being has is to be happy. Everyday stress does not let us see the way to happiness. We can “light a candle to light the way” and one of those candles can be meditation. In this note we will see three examples of meditation for real life.

Every day we brush our teeth, but we do it in an automated way, without noticing what we are actually doing. “By consciously brushing our teeth, we also somehow brush our brain.”

Feel gratitude for having perfect teeth that helps you eat, chew, smile and speak. Brushing your teeth consciously, gives your brain a chance to rest and “stay calm for a moment” at the beginning of the day and at bedtime.

Many times we see posts in bad taste, which cause us irritation, let’s avoid such experiences for others and post something positive and productive for the people who follow us. Be kind at all times, in all contexts and with everyone.

Meditation Techniques

Did you know that up to 50,000 thoughts go through our heads every day? It is to be expected that we often find it difficult to clear our minds and think clearly, and this is where the benefits of meditation come into play!

On the contrary, meditation helps us to learn to be more aware of the sensations and emotions we feel. Thus, we get to release those obstructive thoughts that do not let us move forward to achieve greater peace of mind. A person who practices meditation becomes more aware of himself and this also facilitates his connection with the outside world!

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Precisely, meditation trains the mind to achieve greater concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and inner calm. Through awareness of the here and now, we are able to achieve mental balance.

Some of the benefits of meditation have been shown to reduce muscle tension, lower blood pressure and improve heart rate, and even improve brain waves!

Ways to meditate at home

Meditation is a basic pillar for the mental and spiritual health of every person. Hundreds of techniques, some ancient and others of recent creation, help us to connect with our inner self and let go of uncomfortable stress.Basic meditation: attending to the breathOne of the main rules for practicing meditation is to focus on the breath, gently. This allows us to relax to the point where we can disconnect from our routines and problems that we carry in the backpack.Through these 5 simple steps you can learn to meditate, thereby achieving greater emotional comfort.Shall we begin?Related Article

“1. Identify your sensationsSitting in a quiet place, close your eyes gently and try to breathe through your nose, identifying the sensations that occur in the nostrils and upper lip when the air enters and exits.2. If they appear, say internally “Okay, but not now” and let the air you exhale take them away or, at least, leave them in the background.Related article

Types of meditation for beginners

If you want to start meditating but don’t know what type of meditation to choose, you are in the right place! In this article of Psychology-Online we are going to discover you which are the main methods to meditate and connect with your inner “I”. There are very different options such as Buddhist meditation, vipassana, tonglen, zen (or zazen), etc., so to choose the best of all we invite you to continue reading this article. Discover the types of meditation and their benefits to start making the best journey of all: the journey into your inner self.

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Another of the types of meditation and its benefits that we are going to analyze is vipassana meditation. It is also one of the most popular practices today and is known as “penetrative meditation”. The reason for this peculiar name is that this practice is focused on being able to see things as they really are. The mindfulness technique is based on this type of meditation, which involves a technique based on introspection, i.e. the person has to observe him or herself individually and connect with his or her own mind. In this way, you can witness everything that happens inside you and control it. As soon as we have this power, we can learn to eliminate the negative thoughts that come to our mind, as well as the presence of suffering.How to practice vipassana meditationTo be able to start meditating following this technique you will have to follow some steps that will help you to do so. The most advisable is to take a course as it is intended to promote a series of habits and behaviors such as the following:Benefits of vipassanaHere we offer you a complete list of the benefits of this type of meditation so that you can understand why it is so successful and followed by people:

What are 5 ways to meditate?
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