What are bathroom aids?

Technical aids for bathing and hygiene

As the person’s ability to perform the different movements that he/she was able to perform up to now is reduced, he/she feels worried about the new situation. In many cases the help of a third person is necessary.

When help is needed to carry out an avd, it is important to know that there are support products (also known as technical aids) that will make it easier to do so. They are instruments, devices that provide external help to overcome the limitations that prevent us from carrying out the aids. There are aids for all types of activities and for each individual situation. They can come to us with information about the person’s mobility capacity, cognitive level and the space available to perform them and we will inform them of the products that best suit their needs.

When the person has a good postural control of the trunk and a fairly preserved mobility, a shower stool may be sufficient to perform the action sitting, thus preventing the possible occurrence of fatigue and slips or falls. There are different models of stools, with their non-slip tips to prevent slipping.

Technical aids for the bathroom

This is an indispensable toilet lift as an accessory in hospitals and homes with special needs. It is a specialized device to help people with different ailments, such as femur fractures, osteoporosis, hemiplegia, hip prosthesis or osteoarthritis, degenerative processes of hip or knee, etc.. Also…

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Toilet lift with folding armrests to facilitate the exit of the toilet. Ideal for people who have some difficulty sitting and sitting on the toilet. Provides an effective point of support as well as comfortable for people with reduced mobility.

The Swift shower stool is stable on any floor. Its modular design makes Swift just what we need from a stool to a complete shower chair, depending on the user’s needs and how they change.

Made of aluminum, it is an economical solution for hygiene and toileting. And for the transfer of people with reduced mobility. The seat is soft and is at a height of 48 cm that allows to place the chair on most toilets.

Technical aids for personal hygiene

This chair made of aluminum and plastic ideal for shower. Its armrests fold down to move to the chair from either side, in addition to its adjustable footrests in height, folding to the sides and removable. It has removable 24″ rear wheels with brakes to move independently.

It is ideal for showers or bathtubs offering a safer transfer. Its L-shape allows it to be mounted in corners offering a continuous base of support to turn in one location and take the optimal position in the shower or tub.

This chair is made of aluminum and plastic, ideal for showering. Its armrests fold down to move to the chair from either side, in addition to its adjustable footrests in height, folding to the sides and removable. It has removable 24″ rear wheels with brakes, to move independently.

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Adapters for adult toilets

Toilet heights are sometimes not suitable for people with reduced mobility or for people with lower limb weaknesses. For these cases, we recommend the use of a toilet lift. It is a platform that, after a simple installation process, will allow you to raise the height of the toilet. This will eliminate the discomfort and pain of having to bend down every time you want to use the toilet.

If you have a lack of balance or strength, we recommend the use of a shower grab bar. These are support bars that, once installed, will serve as a point of support for standing, getting in and out of the shower, or getting up once you are seated on the toilet. Therefore, their use prevents possible domestic accidents.

When in contact with water, shower surfaces become slippery. This can lead to accidents in the home. This is especially true for people with reduced mobility, lack of strength or poor balance. To eliminate the possibility of accidents, we recommend the use of a shower seat. In addition, they will allow you to proceed without fear during hygiene by completely eliminating the possibility of a possible accident during washing.

What are bathroom aids?
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