What are some types of external memory?

Types of external storage that exist

While not exactly a device per se, cloud storage is the newest and most versatile type of storage for computers. “The cloud” is not a place or object, but a huge collection of servers hosted in data centers around the world. When you save a document in the cloud, you are storing it on these servers.

Cloud storage offers significantly larger storage capacities than USB flash drives and other physical options. Then you don’t have to search through every device to find the right file.

If you forget to take a hard drive with important documents to a meeting, there’s not much you can do other than go back and grab it. If you break or lose a hard drive completely, you are unlikely to recover that data. These risks don’t exist for cloud storage: your data is backed up and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as you have Internet access.

What is external storage

In reality cloud storage is nothing more than storing files on powerful third-party proprietary storage devices. You will be able to access them via the internet. They can be interesting for some people who want to access their files from anywhere. So they won’t have to carry a peripheral for it. But their big disadvantage is that they can only be accessed from devices with an internet connection. With today’s lightweight and inexpensive external storage device solutions, this is not interesting for most average users.

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Don’t complicate your life. A flash drive is more than enough. And you don’t even need one with a large memory capacity, since text files weigh very little. If you have an ebook reader with SD card or micro SD card, it is also a good option to read your notes and work transmitted from the computer.

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We are going to explain what are the types of SD cards, Secure Digital memory cards that are used to be inserted into different types of portable devices to expand their internal storage. The idea is that when you go to buy an SD card, you can know what they mean the acronyms that you can find in them.

Sometimes you will see that the cards also have a two-letter code, which can be SC, HC or XC. These codes represent the storage capacity of the cards in question.

But you have to be clear that this is backward compatibility and not absolute compatibility, which means that devices that support a lower capacity type will not be compatible with the higher capacity types. So, before buying a card it is advisable to make sure which ones your device is compatible with.

SD cards are also differentiated from each other by their class, which indicates their writing speed. The classes can be Class 2 (C2), Class 4 (C4), Class 6 (C6), Class 10 (C10), UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) or UHS Speed Class 3 (U3). The names of the first four classes already indicate the write speed in MB/s they have.

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External memory 1tb

Secondary memory, auxiliary memory, peripheral memory or external memory, also known as primary storage, is the set of data storage devices and media that make up the computer’s memory subsystem, along with the primary or main memory.

Secondary memory is a type of massive and permanent (non-volatile) storage with greater capacity to store data and information than primary memory which is volatile, although secondary memory is slower.

Storage devices or units” must be distinguished from “storage media”, because the former are the devices that read or write the data stored on the media.

The process of transferring data to a computer or computer system is called “reading procedure”. The process of transferring data from the computer to storage is called the “write procedure” or recording.

Most storage devices and media use one technology or the other (magnetic storage or optical storage), and some use both, called hybrids (magneto-optical storage).

What are some types of external memory?
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