What are the 7 types of communication strategies?

Types of organizational communication strategies

Communication is a fundamental part of our daily lives. For a company it is too. And this not only includes having a good internal communication, but also knowing how to transmit the right message to customers and the audience in general. But why is it so important?

In addition, as digitalization processes now keep everyone more connected, it is vital to pay special attention and analyze whether your company is fulfilling its communication functions in the right way.  If you consider that this aspect could be improved, you are at the right time to implement a communication strategy that is more in line with your objectives or goals.

Communication is an important and interconnected factor, if you don’t believe it, you better consider the statistics that point out that 40% of the increase in sales can be due to an excellent communication process.

Now, for a communication strategy to work, you must create a manual or guide that allows the organization to establish an action plan that defines the messages, research instruments, communication style and other elements to be executed. These aspects depend on the following keys:

Communication strategy example pdf

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Marketing communication strategies

To talk about digital communication strategies is to talk about strategies adapted to the Internet. The digital strategy is a methodology that aims to define the communication actions on the Internet and choose the right tools to do so.

That said, I bring you an article in which I am going to talk about digital communication strategies, such a wide field in which we can apply everything that works today in order to achieve concrete actions, focused on our followers, increasing visibility and notoriety.

You must be clear that companies in the digital world belong to their followers. They are the ones who will mark their future, and therefore their success or failure, depending on strategies, tactics and actions that are carried out at all times.

With these strategies that you will apply to your business where you put together all the necessary elements, you will give a boost to your image, brand and product, being able to accurately reach who you want, obtaining a good perception by your potential customer, generating growth and attracting other users, resulting in what you are looking for, sales.

Communication strategy examples

So, if you want to know what a marketing strategy is, as well as the types of marketing strategies that exist and are most commonly used, here is all the content you need to understand what we mean and what each of them works for.

We can define a marketing strategy as the process in which a company uses its resources to achieve its objective, which is usually to increase sales or try to stand out from the competition. In other words, they are actions carried out by a business to achieve an end related to an improvement in its results. To this end, the objectives to be set must comply with a series of characteristics:

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Now that you know a little better what a marketing strategy is, it is a good idea to know that there are different types of marketing strategies because, if you know them, you will be able to know which one is the most appropriate based on the objective you are planning to achieve.

For example, imagine you have an online toy store. You have many subscribers, but some of them have children and others don’t (they are more collectors). Then, a promotion in which you offer a discount per child, for this second group would not work. And you would lose customers in this case.

What are the 7 types of communication strategies?
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