What are the benefits of mobility aids?

Work incapacity in germany

In this section you will find information about the different assessment procedures; what is determined by each of them and what resources, benefits or benefits can be accessed from them.

The degree of disability certifies the functional limitations of a person (e.g. a hearing deficit, difficulties in walking, expressing oneself, etc.). It is different and complementary to the recognition of the situation of dependency that occurs when a person needs help from another person to perform basic activities of daily living (eating, washing, dressing, etc.).

Base CentersDoubts about the card accrediting the degree of disability or the parking card for people with reduced mobility? Visit the base centers of assessment and guidance for people with disabilities.

PNC de InvalidezConsulta las pensiones no contributivas si tienes un grado de discapacidad igual o superior al 65%, careces de ingresos suficientes y no has cotizado o lo ha hecho de forma insuficiente para tener derecho a una pensión contributiva.

Disability benefits in Europe

With this card you will be entitled to a handicap allowance. Your disability card will show the health consequences of your disability indicated as characteristics. There are two types of cards:

For your card, a passport photo is required. The card is also available in several languages for travel abroad. The application form (German) can be found on the Berlin service page.

If you are a foreigner, you will need to present a copy of your passport together with your residence permit to make the application. The application will be checked for medical documents. The processing time is on average 100 days.

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There is also a regulation for serious cases. It applies when care level III is given and exceptionally high care time is required. The requirements are either a need for assistance with basic care (personal hygiene, feeding and mobility) of six hours a day or at least three times during the night; or in cases where basic care, also during the night, can only be carried out by several caregivers. In this case, professionals and relatives or volunteers can help.

Social benefits in Germany

“A person who has already had academic or work experience abroad and who has perfected a second language can earn up to 35% more compared to one who has no such experience or who has a basic level of English” [+ info].

“These types of courses help to polish another language, to the point of thinking in that language; this requires more complexity and represents a better command” [+ info]- corporate director of communication at Trabajando.com, Margarita Chico

“Adaptation to a different country, culture, forms of organization and contacts, initiative or willingness to international mobility are values that companies take very much into account” [+ info]- Nuria Esparza, director of Adecco Professional

“We have to choose a country where we can practice one or two languages. And of course, those countries that have a larger business fabric, as this can help us in the future, such as Germany, France, or the Nordic countries” [+ info]- Nuria Esparza, director of Adecco Profesional

What are the advantages of the disability card?

Actions to support mobility based on criteria of energy efficiency, sustainability and promotion of alternative energies, framed in three types of action:- Action 1: Acquisition of alternative energy vehicles.- Action 2: Implementation of electric vehicle recharging infrastructure.- Action 3: Implementation of electric bicycle loan systems.

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The applicant may object to the administration consulting this information. In this case, the corresponding documents accrediting this information must be provided at the time the application is made.

What are the benefits of mobility aids?
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