What are the main arguments in Favour of subsidy?

What are the main arguments in Favour of subsidy?

Prohibited subsidies examples

Because EU countries cooperate so closely, our food and environment meet some of the highest quality standards in the world.FoodProtecting health is the aim of all EU laws and standards in the agriculture and food sectors. A comprehensive set of rules regulates the entire food production and processing chain in the EU and also applies to imported and exported products.EnvironmentThe EU has developed some of the strictest environmental standards in the world. EU policy seeks to minimize risks to climate, health and biodiversity.Renewable energy / energy transition (Energy Directive 2018).


UNITED KINGDOMAhead of the June 23 referendumQuick guide to arguments for and against ‘Brexit’The British flag and the European Union flag fly in London. LEON NEALAFP-PHOTOFive main arguments from those in favor of leaving the European Union and as many from those betting on staying in.

@arceyroble #4CloseThat fear-mongering and emotional manipulation is very typical of politicians. Especially the leftist ones. Hehehe… “Above all, of the leftists” Beware, the reds are coming and they are going to take everything from us; beware that the immigrants are going to take our jobs. Indeed, it’s the leftist parties that use fear the most.

@hipias_hiparco #1CloseI believe that, in the end, it will remain in the European Union. However , we must update to the prevailing reality and modify the current nefarious and goodist immigration policy. Yes to the immigration of work and progress; no to the immigration of the criminal and the lazy benefactor of a thousand and one subsidies. They will stay in the Union, but this referendum has propitiated on the part of the European authorities, an offer of very advantageous measures for the English, which open the door that all the other members, by comparative effect, feel in unequal conditions and ask to be equal.it is like the concert of the Basque Country, that nobody who is informed, can argue about the privileged treatment at tax level that they have.it is not right, that in a club there are members of first and second category, generates uneasiness.

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Political poster where the UK Liberal Party pits protectionism against free trade; the free trade store is full to the brim with customers due to low prices while the protectionism-based store has suffered from high prices and lack of customers.

Poster against free trade. This 1910 image shows that protectionism leads to good wages, while free trade leads to unemployment and misery. (Photo by Michael Nicholson/Corbis via Getty Images).

Protectionism is an interventionist economic policy implemented by a state or group of states to protect and favor its domestic producers against competition from foreign producers. It is a form of regulation of a country’s foreign trade. Protectionism is opposed to free trade (the main result of which today is the globalization of trade) and to the theory of comparative advantage.[1] By discriminating against imports, people are able to compete against each other.

By discriminating against imports, people would be less likely to buy them because they become more expensive. The goal is to make them buy local products instead, thus stimulating their country’s economy. Protectionist policies would therefore encourage the expansion of production and the substitution of imports by domestic products (import substitution industrialization).[4] They are supposed to reduce the pressure of foreign competition and reduce the trade deficit. They can also be used to correct artificially low prices for certain imported products, due to dumping, export subsidies or currency manipulation.[5] They can also be used to correct artificially low prices for certain imported products due to dumping, export subsidies or currency manipulation.[5

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Today I would like to deal with the famous topic of GRANTS and try to justify why you should not invest your time in applying for them and when it is really interesting to apply for them. Ready? Let’s get started.

You don’t have to be Steve Jobs to realize this, nor do they have to put quotes with your face on linkedin. But while we’re at it, think about the image of Steve touching his beard and saying “Apple’s success is based on the fact that I focused my time and resources on what I really wanted to achieve”, isn’t it more credible now? Well, let’s get to the point…

Cost control per project. The technical report of project request allows to assign and allocate the main expenses of each project; personnel, equipment and machinery, materials and external services.

What are the main arguments in Favour of subsidy?
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