What can I use instead of a bidet?

What can I use instead of a bidet?

Bidet replacement

The installation of hygienic showers is becoming more and more widespread. Their use is recommended for places such as hospitals, nursing homes, centers for people with disabilities and day care centers. As a practical and easy-to-use element, it is recommended for any place where mobility is limited. Its reduced space and hygienic advantages over the bidet make it the best option compared to the traditional toilet.

There is also the possibility of installing a washlet toilet. This type of piece is known to be used mainly in Japan and consists of a toilet that includes certain functions provided by a bidet.

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How to use a bidet shower

For my intimate toilet, it is the best invention of the French, the pity is that in most hotels are eliminating them at the expense of greater expenditure on toilet paper and the parts are not as clean as running water.

The bidet is absolutely essential as an element of hygiene … to wash the perianal area after defecation, and if you have herrorides or other affection not to say and if you make love you also wash before and after the act .. so start counting the times that is used per day … I would like the author of the article to explain that it does in these situations that I have commented …

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Toni: It is a totally outdated element and can easily be dispensed with. In the vast majority of countries it has never been used. And in the few that do, it is being used mainly by older people with 20th century customs.

It is a totally outdated element and can easily be dispensed with. In the vast majority of countries it has never been used. And in the few that do, it is mainly used by older people with 20th century customs.

How to move a bidet

It is important that you look at how the bidet is sealed to the floor. You may find that the fixing screws are usually loosened with a wrench or socket wrench, but you may also find that they are with a screw. In this case, you should use a flat or Phillips screwdriver.

Once the water has been cut off, you must open the faucets so that all the surplus that has been left inside the pipes is emptied to the maximum, even so you will have to put a rag on the floor, since when removing the hoses always a little water will come out that remains inside the pipe.

Use a wrench and follow the counterclockwise direction.  Unscrew the screws that anchor the bidet to the floor and remove the silicone or sealant that you may find around the bidet.

On the male threads of both plugs place about 12 tightly pressed turns of Teflon turning them counterclockwise. This is necessary because if you do it the other way around, the Teflon will come undone when screwing it into the wall.

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A toilet can be put in place of a bidet.

No, it is not feasible unless, as I said, you could divert the downspout through the lower part of the floor slab (single-family house) with a collector with sufficient height… draining a toilet from where the bidet is now to the current downspout is almost certainly a risk of clogging.

Therefore, in order to connect the new toilet to the downspout (which will be located at the back of the old toilet) it would be necessary to pass a 9cm PVC manifold with 1-2% drop. Either by adjoining wall or by raising the floor to be able to put this collector.

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What can I use instead of a bidet?
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