What does a stairlift cost?

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The advantages of installing a stairlift at home are countless, from much more autonomy for the person with reduced mobility, to the considerable increase in the market value of the property in which it is installed.

It could be argued that, if a stairlift or platform stairlift allows a person to leave the house with ease and move autonomously, comfortably and safely in their environment, that stairlift is priceless!

However, to give you an idea, the price of stairlifts for inside the home ranges from 3,000 € -the simplest cases- to 12,000 € if you want to communicate 2 floors.

Short travel elevators or vertical platforms have been seen in the street or in some buildings. They are those mini elevators that are usually installed to bridge vertical differences of up to 3m in height and facilitate accessibility for people with disabilities, the elderly, and even families with strollers or shopping carts.

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How much does a stairlift cost? The answer to the question of how much does a stairlift cost is simple: it depends. But what a post we would make if we were left with just that, right? If you ask for an estimate in different places, you will see that practically none of them agree. This is not only for commercial reasons, but also because there are certain factors that influence the price of the tool.

Installing a stair lift is usually a quick and versatile solution to fix mobility problems in a house. It is also usually an economical solution and adapts to different circumstances such as stairs with curves, stairs with landings, etc.

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Today we can find in the market stair lifts for a price ranging between 1900 € and 9000 €. Surely you will be surprised by the large intermediate space between one figure and another. That’s just where all the factors that we talked about at the beginning. Let’s see what factors are involved to understand in each case what would be the right price.

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Stairlifts are the ideal solution to climb stairs completely autonomously for elderly people who have mobility problems and for all people who suffer from reduced mobility either continuously or temporarily.

There are mainly two types of staircases, straight and curved, that is, if the staircase is completely straight from the beginning to the end or if it has a curved area. Depending on the type of staircase where the stairlift has to be installed, we will have to choose a stairlift with a straight flight or a stairlift with a curved flight. This difference will also vary its price, the curved section are a little more expensive than the straight section because they must be able to save the curvature.

If you want an accurate budget of the stairlift that suits the needs of the client is necessary a previous visit to ensure that the chair installed obeys all the requirements that we need and that we solve our accessibility problem.

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This is one of the most frequent doubts when the need to install a stairlift system arises. Currently there are different types of systems available on the market and it is always important to make the right choice.

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Depending on your specific needs you will have to choose one system or another. In any case, these systems currently have a great capacity for adaptability and can work on any type of staircase (straight, curved, etc.).

We have indicated the different types of systems from which it is possible to choose. However, each system has its own price range, so it is difficult to offer a generic quote.

The price of this type of system includes a very wide range of possibilities. It will depend on the type of staircase (straight, curved, with intermediate landings, etc.), the length of the staircase and the special features or extras required (color, upholstery, load capacity, etc.).

To give you an idea, the price of covering a straight flight of stairs can range from 1,800 to 3,500 euros. On the other hand, saving a curved staircase can cost between 5,000 and 10,000 euros.

What does a stairlift cost?
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