What is a bath board?

Toilet seat cover sizes

Do you want to renew your toilet seat? The material, the shape, the size… are the keys to choose the model that fits your needs. In addition, it will also be important the finish or if you are looking for a lid with special elements such as cushioned drop or led light. We are going to give you the keys you need to know to choose the most suitable one.

There are three types of toilet seat covers: rounded, rectangular and oval. In the rounded ones, the back is kept rounded, while in the oval ones the back is straight. When you identify which toilet seat is yours, you must decide on the anchors:

Home depot toilet seat

In a nutshell, the toilet lid should be closed after use, but always before flushing the toilet, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for hygienic reasons.

Every time we flush the toilet, a whirlpool of water is formed, with an aerosol effect, which shoots thousands of fecal microparticles into the air. These can be blown up to five feet away. As a result, a legion of highly infectious viruses and bacteria can adhere to walls, sinks, towels and even objects in sight, such as toothbrushes or glasses. In addition to this simple action, it is also recommended to close your mouth, since bacteria such as salmonella, shigella, norovirus and hepatitis A viruses can be transmitted if fecal particles enter through this orifice. So don’t forget, always close the toilet lid before flushing.

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Toilet seat price

Perhaps you have at home the best toilet seat of the moment (In this link you find several products to analyze), however, this does not prevent the gradual loss of its brightness and whiteness. In any case, you should not worry, but get to work to solve this situation. In this regard, it is important that you know, first of all, why the material becomes yellowish. So, later we will tell you some effective recipes to eliminate that annoying color of the toilet seat.

Now that you know the possible causes of premature deterioration of the toilet seat, you will need to put into practice some recommendations that will restore its whiteness and brightness in the blink of an eye. The two products to use are bleach and salfuman, which have highly effective active bleaching properties. These two substances are easily available in any department store, but should be handled with an appropriate level of caution.

Especially, keep in mind that their inhalation in a space with limited air flow could cause serious poisoning. In addition, when using them you will have to wear gloves and in the specific case of salfumán use a mask. Here are some mixtures to bleach your toilet:

How to know the model of my toilet

The main function of a cushioned lid for the toilet is that when we close the lid we do not have to be aware of doing it smoothly so that it does not break, we let it fall and it will close smoothly with the mechanism that it has in the hinges.

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The problem with some toilet lids with cushioned drop is that no matter how hard you look for the adjustment screw you can’t find it. Some models of lids do not have it. These lids have an internal spring at the factory that when it breaks, the cushioned drop stops working.

What is a bath board?
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