What is a bottom wiper?

Home pool cleaner

The Interceptor’s mode of operation is simple. The boat is strategically placed in the river, allowing other boats to navigate normally, but deploying a barrier that forces the garbage, pushed by the river current, to reach the mouth of the boat. There, a conveyor belt picks it up and transfers it to an autonomous system, which distributes the garbage evenly among six containers and places them on a platform that can be detached from the ship.

In this way, once all six containers are full, the system sends an alert to a local operator, who picks up the platform and moves the garbage to the shore for recycling, returning the empty containers back to the Interceptor so that the ship can continue to do its work. According to Boyan Slat, each Interceptor can collect up to 100,000 kg of garbage per day.

How to clean the bottom of the pool manually

The water in your pool is constantly receiving dust, leaves or seeds that do not always stay on the surface; many end up stuck to the walls and bottom, making them dirty and slippery.

Choosing a good pool cleaner is essential to keep your pool clean, to take care of the purification system and to guarantee the quality of the water during the whole season. Among the most recognized brands in LEROY MERLIN, we can find Dolphin pool cleaners, or Zodiac pool cleaners, among other great brands, which will always give us outstanding results when cleaning our pool. Within the category of automatic pool cleaners there are several types:

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They use the energy of the pool’s own purification system. They are able to move autonomously although they are designed for flat or slightly sloping pools. There are hydraulic pool cleaners that work by suction. Their performance depends on the power of the pump. They need a minimum power of ¾ cv to be able to work.

How to clean the bottom of the pool with a hose

Surely cleaning the pool of your house and on top of it manually seems a boring and heavy task especially after a long day. But if you know how to clean the pool manually, we assure you that it will become a simple job, and once you see the final result, you will not be lazy to do it regularly.

In addition to this, it is convenient to have a scrubber in the pool, which fulfills two very important functions: on the one hand, filtering the water, and on the other, cleaning the bottom.  In this way, the water of your pool will be kept in good condition but for this, every day it has to be in operation, at least a few hours so that the pool is always in good condition.

There is no general rule about how often to run the manual pool cleaner. It all depends on how dirty your pool is, but it is recommended to run the manual pool cleaner at least once a week.

It is the essential and main element in the filtration system of a swimming pool. This filter incorporates a filter whose function is to stop the impurities that are in the pool, in this way the water is purified. Don’t forget to put your filter in function dirt, although this function can be different depending on the filter.

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Position of keys to pass the pool cleaner

When cleaning your pool, you will need to know the different types of pool cleaners that exist in order to choose the one that best suits your needs. From GRE we want to show you the main differences that exist between pool cleaners nowadays and what you should take into account before buying one.

The manual pool cleaner is one of the most economical options currently on the market. It connects directly to the pool’s filtration system, directly to the skimmer or the pool cleaner’s intake and although these cleaners require a greater investment in time and effort, they perfectly pick up the dirt from the entire pool. These cleaners are not used to clean the walls of the pool, they are exclusively for the floors.

The operation uses little electrical energy. The manual pool cleaner does not have to be connected to the electric current. Thanks to the suction of the filtration, the cleaner sucks the dirt out of the pool and remains trapped in the pre-filter of the pump or in the filter tank. In addition, they have a large handle that facilitates the cleaning of any corner of the pool.

What is a bottom wiper?
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