What is a game ear?

Parts of the ear and their functions

The name KIM comes from the novel “The Great Game” by Rudyard Kipling, in which the protagonist was an orphan from colonial India named Kim, who is instructed by the British secret service as a spy; it served as inspiration to Baden Powell as a basis for stories and games for the scouts.

For this game we will need someone from your house to place on a table or inside a box, several objects (the amount will depend on the level of each one). You will observe them for a while (10 sec., etc.) and then you will close your eyes and the other person will introduce more objects in the box. Then you will have to indicate the new objects that have been introduced. You can indicate with your hand, with your eyes or verbally – see if you get it right!

Now we are going to “taste” different foods, using your tongue and mouth. To do this, we follow the same procedure as in the previous ones (blindfolded), and someone will give us a taste of several foods and you will have to guess what they are.

Now, someone at home will place several objects in a covered box, and by touching them (with your hand, foot or whatever…) we will try to find out what they are. No need to look! hehehehe.

What is the sense of hearing called

Drag the ball to the highlighted intervals to hear an example. Each time you will hear the interval with different notes. Listen carefully, the difference can be subtle. Practice and then start the test.

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The distance between C and D is called a “second”, because D is the second note name after the C note. E would be the third note after Do, so E is a “third” from Do. As you might notice, F is a “fourth” from C, and so on.

Use the C major scale as a guide. Minor intervals are half a tone below a major interval (C to Reb). Diminished intervals are half a tone below perfect and minor (C to Fab). Augmented intervals are half a tone above perfect and major (C to G#).

Hearing functions

The universe of mobile games is unstoppably gaining ground over the rest of the video game platforms. For this reason, developers do not waste time and the releases of this type of applications arrive almost daily, although sometimes the format is repeated.

However, there are times when the same format can give rise to different ideas. This is the case of Music Puzzle, an application that as its name suggests, comes from the classic puzzles but with the difference that what we have to recompose are songs (known) and the pieces, parts of their melodies.

The first song that we find as soon as we install the game is Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (it starts strong) and as we say, we have to go ordering the audio clips of each of the instruments that are part of this piece of music to complete it completely.

While we play we can listen to what we have “composed” to see if we have been able to find the complete melody, although the application itself warns us when any of the pieces does not fit. The catalog of songs is somewhat reduced for now (it has only three titles) but the difficulty of the game makes each of the songs take quite a few hours to be solved (at least if you do not have an extremely fine ear).

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Ear game

“It’s very interesting to find a game that manages to convey the same thing I feel when I play the Dark Souls saga. Every time I fail a challenge, I know exactly what I did wrong and how to do better next time. These types of games force you to push yourself to achieve victory and make you feel very satisfied when you succeed.”

“It adopts a well-known name, Tetris, and presents a totally new experience using the latest technologies with taste and precision.    Everyone can play this game and experience, first hand, its fascinating elements. It’s a game I recommend to everyone.”

“I don’t know if it can be considered standalone, but as far as titles that people may have missed, I think Apollo 11 VR demonstrates how to turn VR’s potential on its head. It’s an immersive and educational game, so I hope it gets more attention and we get something similar again with a bigger budget.”

What is a game ear?
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