What is a Pessoa training aid?

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Síntesis: En el presente artículo se aborda la cuestión de la formación humanística y comprometida socialmente de los profesionales, lo que constituye para la universidad actual un motivo tanto de preocupación como de ocupación.

De este modo, la atención se centra cada vez más en el estudiante como persona que se construye en el proceso de aprendizaje profesional, lo cual exige comprender la necesaria interrelación entre competencias genéricas y específicas en el proceso de formación profesional universitaria. En este sentido, se presentan las reflexiones de un grupo de docentes y egresados universitarios bolivianos y cubanos, acerca de la importancia de las competencias genéricas y su desarrollo en el contexto universitario.

Resumen: En este trabajo abordaremos el tema de la formación humanística y el compromiso social de los profesionales. Esto constituye, para las universidades de hoy, un motivo de ocupación y preocupación.

Para ello, discutiremos la superación del simple enfoque sobre las competencias profesionales, por el cual dichas competencias son consideradas cualidades aisladas, principalmente de carácter cognitivo, y determinantes del éxito profesional en escenarios profesionales específicos. Este enfoque será sustituido por un nuevo enfoque personal y dinámico que se centra no en las cualidades aisladas antes mencionadas, sino en la actuación del profesional que, como persona, construye, actúa e incorpora cualidades motivacionales y cognitivas, para desempeñarse eficientemente, sin importar donde tenga que actuar.


First, a Fernando Pessoa with the “guardian angel” friend he never had in life. Then, the facts, all of them, about Fernando Pessoa’s life and work, with great respect, absolute fidelity and just a few doses of fiction, where it was necessary to fill in the biographical spaces that my research did not manage to avoid leaving blank. In fiction one can find all the love, friendship, devotion and curiosity that so many others devoted to Fernando Pessoa over the decades, embodied in the “old friend” Vicente Guedes, narrator and thread of the story.

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That is exactly what the title says. A book for those who want to get started in Fernando Pessoa. Or dive deeper into Pessoa’s universe. It condenses the writer’s essentials and is intended literally for everyone: from high school students and teachers to university academics.

It is true, and I will always fight, even if sometimes that fight is quixotic. I understand that you can only truly love an author if you are a responsible reader. In the particular case of Pessoa, an author who measured his words and texts, not hesitating to revise and correct what was published, to associate his name with things he never wrote is a sin. Furthermore, Pessoa never wrote banal texts of the “self-help” type. Pessoa never wrote what he thought readers would expect of him. He always held his readers responsible for the elevation and understanding of what they read. He was not even banal when he wrote popular blocks. Pessoa’s apocrypha are so scattered and vulgarized that I felt the need to dedicate a chapter to them in the book.


The COP of Las Palmas and the Fernando Pessoa University of the Canary Islands have held a meeting with the aim of establishing the lines of action of the collaboration agreement maintained by both entities. With this agreement, ratified by the dean of the COP Las Palmas, Francisco Javier Sánchez Eizaguirre, and by the Rector of the Fernando Pessoa University, Antonio Rodríguez, the institutions are committed to support the first international trauma conference, to be held next December.

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In addition, this agreement incorporates the COP of Las Palmas as a venue for the university to carry out training activities aimed at both the members of the COP of Las Palmas and the students of the 4th year of the degree in Psychology and the Master Generalist Health. The Official College of Psychology of Las Palmas (COP) reinforces its commitment to the training of its members with the signing of a new collaboration agreement with the Fernando Pessoa University of the Canary Islands.

How to use a Sick Lift the first time?

Have you exhausted your unemployment and have family responsibilities? Did you know that you can access a family allowance for the unemployed? Read on and we will tell you what this benefit consists of and what requirements you must meet to apply for it.

You can apply for the benefit once one month has passed since you exhausted your unemployment. The application must be submitted within 15 days after the month of waiting at the SEPE offices, either by appointment or through the Electronic Headquarters. You must present the following documentation:

It is possible that you are unemployed and have family responsibilities, but you do not have the necessary contribution time to access the Family Allowance. If this is your case, you can apply for the Subsidy for insufficient contribution or Subsidy for loss of employment, within 15 days following the dismissal or termination of the contract. However, you must meet certain requirements, such as having at least 3 months of contributions if you have family responsibilities or 6 months if you do not. You must also be registered as a job seeker before applying for the benefit.

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What is a Pessoa training aid?
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