What is driving aid?

What is driving aid?

Anti-starting breathalyzer

That all students who wish, can benefit from these aids that Road Runner vehicles currently have. Find out about our offers (link to Offers on the web) or stop by the driving school (link to Contact). Previously it was forbidden to use this type of aids, being the student the one who had to face the so feared slopes and make good use of the clutch, or to park between two vehicles with the help of the parking sensor that will warn you when you are approaching the other vehicle.

In the following link to the DGT you will find all the information you need about obtaining a driving license: Link to DGT page www.sede.dgt.gob.es Obtaining a driving license/license.

Breathalyzer in the car

This has been dictated by the European Commission, which has approved this requirement, with the aim of increasing the safety of vehicle occupants, as well as other road users, being framed in its ‘Vision Zero’ strategy that aims to completely reduce road accidents with fatalities in 2050.

Thus, the mandatory implementation of these systems has been scheduled in three phases, the first one being 2022. Subsequently, between 2024 and 2028, other assistants will be added. Many of the systems that become mandatory are already incorporated in a large number of new cars, although depending on the technology, they are not always standard.

On the one hand, the rear camera, which is activated when reverse gear is selected in most cases, shows on the display what is behind the car. The most advanced ones overprint auxiliary lines to mark the trajectory, indicating the right direction.

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The most advanced ones monitor the motorist, analyzing his or her reactions. They can operate through facial recognition cameras (excessive blinking, direction of the eyes, head position, tiredness expressions), or sensors on the steering wheel (hand pressure, excessive steering corrections or abruptness). Also through the ESP (calculating changes in steering angle) or through the front camera (detecting excessive stepping on the lines of the road).

Driving assistance systems

Until now, ADAS safety and driver assistance systems have been used by most brands as a lure to invest in when buying a new car. However, from next May they will have to be included in all new vehicles that are homologated. Moreover, as of May 2024, all new cars sold will have to be equipped with these systems, regardless of their homologation date.

It should be borne in mind that these ADAS systems also have another aspect, that of advancing some functions that will have to be basic if the autonomous car is to succeed. Many of these safety advances use cameras, sensors and radars that are essential to reduce the risks associated with the human factor every time we get behind the wheel.

Also in the months of May, between 2024 and 2026, new cars will have to include a more advanced system for detecting pedestrians and cyclists, vehicles will have to adapt their bodies to protect these two vulnerable groups in the event of being run over and, in addition, systems for recognizing distractions at the wheel will be improved.

Engine technology

It is also considered to improve the driving feel by giving the driver back some connection to the manual shifting of gears, which is sometimes missed in automatic cars by some people.

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Current models are able to identify when the driver is not using the paddle shifter. Whether it is because a long time has passed without using them or because a gear should be changed and the driver does not do so, the vehicle regains control over the gears.

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What is driving aid?
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