What is pseudo binaural hearing aid?

What is pseudo binaural hearing aid?

Binaural sounds side effects

The binaural recording technique is based on the principle of placing microphones on the head of a human, or an artificial head.  The position of the microphones is just outside each ear canal or at the bottom of the ear canal near the eardrum.  When you play back the recording and listen to it with headphones, the image is very similar to “being there”.  This article explains the use of binaural headphones (instead of an artificial head solution), so the binaural sound recording is made at the entrance of a real person’s ear canal.

HRTF is closely related to the individual shape of the human head.  Therefore, binaural recordings sound better if they are recorded using your personal HRTF.  However, in general, everyone experiences a much higher envelopment of the surrounding sound, even if the HRTF is not their own.  This is why the binaural recording technique is worth considering for many purposes.

In the figure below, you can see two sets of curves (HRTF).  Each curve represents an average in many subjects.  The curves on the left are measured with an open ear canal.  The curves on the right show the HRTFs of subjects with the ear canal blocked.

Binaural headphones

The sound hardware has been improving while subtracting options for the user. The headphone jack is an example, as well as other related elements, such as FM radio. Fortunately, the audio quality has gained presence, and there are several manufacturers that pay special attention to this section, especially in the highest range. And one name tends to stand out: Dolby Atmos.

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Common in movie theaters, and in some home speakers, Dolby Atmos increases the immersion of multimedia content by taking advantage of the speakers surrounding the viewer to emit the sounds right in the space where they would be physically located. This capability, which at first does not seem typical of cell phones, is also available in a select number of them.

Despite the name, Dolby Atmos on the phone does not literally transfer the audio quality and its spatial reproduction since, as is logical, a smartphone lacks the number of speakers that a movie theater does have; nor would it be logical that to enjoy Dolby Atmos it would be essential to connect a high-performance multichannel sound system. Therefore, Dolby’s system adapts to the requirements of the phone to offer spatial audio reproduction taking advantage of the device’s hardware, both external speakers and headphones connected by cable; in addition to a sound processing hardware capable of interpreting the tracks.


P.D.F: Daniel, the first time I approached your work was through an individual workshop you organized at Flora Ars Natura in Bogota to study the internal sounds of people through dowsing. The path that has led you to unite the study of body frequencies with artistic practices very close to medical experimentation has been long. What does it mean to you to be able to “re-program” the body through sound? Do you say that your work synthesizes part of the poetic resonances of the human being? Explain a little bit…

All this compendium of information is something that I constantly try to synthesize in a poetics of sounds with the power to affect us.  The references that I describe and that have influenced me in this process seem to come out of science fiction novels or loaded with a lot of magical thinking.    When testing all this on the visitors of my workshop who are more detached from the subject than I am, results appear that surprise us both, especially the exercise of proving in practice the idea that each person or living being emits a particular radiation and that this can be heard.

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What is pseudo binaural hearing aid? 2022

There are four songs that only exist in mono, She Loves You is one of them, and it is because the working tapes were destroyed or lost before the stereo mixes were made. In some releases there were fake stereo mixes of those songs, I seem to remember that She Loves You is in fake stereo on the Red album. But these are very punctual cases.

The final master was recorded in two tracks, corresponding to what we will hear later on the right and left. In fact, on the master tape, physically, what would later go to one side of the final sound was recorded on the top and the other side on the bottom. The two recording heads were slightly misaligned so that each recorded on one side of the tape. And the read heads, the same. In fact, the commercial tapes were virtually split, widthwise, into four parts. The top two were one side and the bottom two were the other side. And within each side, one part was the right channel and the other the left channel, and the read heads were likewise misaligned for that purpose.

What is pseudo binaural hearing aid?
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