What is the best thing to help a baby walk?

Learning to walk babies

The first steps of our children are one of the most exciting stages. He is growing up! It is likely that before this moment, you have had many doubts and even wondered when a baby starts walking and if your “little flea” is “on time”.

This is a developmental milestone, so it is not a one-time event. It doesn’t have a specific time, it has to go through some phases that indicate it is ready. “Babies are born, they control their head first, then their hands, hips, knees and feet. This is how the human body matures. They usually walk between the ninth and sixteenth month. Some babies do not crawl and walk straight, but most of them do, and it is ideal for them to do so,” said Dr. Rebeca Huerta, a pediatrician from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

According to the specialist, whether a baby walks earlier or later is irrelevant: “He will start walking when he is ready. There are times when they feel safe crawling and take a long time to walk because they get everywhere like that. When the demand to walk is imposed, they will begin to take their first steps.

Tricks to get my baby to walk fast

Stimulate all attempts to stand up and walk: Leave the baby leaning on a bed or on a piece of furniture and call him from further away showing him his favorite toy. As he takes steps, clap your hands and say “Very good”.

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Learning to stand up without support: Place a bench or a box about 20 cm high next to you and offer him a toy by leaning very low so that he can only reach it by standing up. Once he has crawled to the bench, he will learn to lean on it by kneeling initially and then he will stand up to reach the toy you offer him.

My 1-year-old is not walking

After a couple of months of walking, your child will begin to feel more confident walking and will be able to take on new challenges, such as picking up objects from the floor and carrying them to other places, moving or dragging toys, or climbing stairs.

Give your child lots of things to see and do. Take walks around your yard, garden, or neighborhood, or take him to play at a local park. At home, you can build an obstacle course for your child with pillows or boxes and encourage your child to walk, climb, and crawl. Buy him several balls to kick and throw.

Therapies for children who cannot walk

The first steps of the baby is one of the most anticipated events for parents, no one wants to miss that moment. The average age to start walking is between 12 and 13 months, the range of what is considered normal is very wide: some start at nine months, while others are still crawling at 18 months.

Age does not determine when they will develop this ability, but rather muscle strength, balance and temperament. Although learning to walk is a natural process and happens organically, there are a few ways parents can help your child practice.

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Walkers help your little one stay upright, strengthen his legs, and allow him to explore the environment unaided. They can keep him entertained for long periods of time, allowing you to be with him while you finish household chores.

What is the best thing to help a baby walk?
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