What is the difference between open and closed hearing aid domes?

Closed acoustic system

The good news is that, thanks to advances in the field of hearing aids, hearing-impaired people are now quicker to admit that they need help. Industry experts attribute this phenomenon to the fact that people are more attuned to technology and see hearing aids as a consumer device (e.g., like a smartphone).

Connectivity with smartphones improves the clarity of sound on the phone and offers the ability to download apps and adjust the hearing aids to suit the environment (e.g., to block out background noise). This is made possible by Bluetooth wireless devices.

The Own Voice Processing (OVP) function detects the user’s voice and processes it separately from external sounds. This solves the problem of the occlusion effect, which is the increase in the volume of one’s own voice when the ear canal is blocked by a hearing aid.

An FDA-approved hearing aid sold by authorized hearing aid dispensers allows consumers to install, program and control the device without the assistance of a hearing aid dispenser.

Open supra-aural headphones

The answer depends on several factors, such as the budget you have, your usage profile, the environment you tend to be in, and so on. If you are looking for the best sound fidelity, don’t mind outside noise, open headphones might be your choice, if you are looking for better isolation and bass presence to enjoy explosions or gunshots in games like Battlefield V, you should consider buying a closed headset. If this is your first headset purchase, open headphones could be a somewhat risky option, as for example if one day you feel like taking your headphones out of the house, you could cause a lot of discomfort to the people around you. That is why the semi-open/closed option is the safest option.

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Below we leave you several recommended models, however, if you want us to help you in the best possible way, you can leave a comment or open a thread in our official forum.

Difference between headphones and earphones

Pack of 2 units H2 rechargeable hearing solution is a BTE format very comfortable to use. This hearing aid offers a safe amplification giving very good results and you can use it in both ears.

Our rechargeable hearing solution H2 is a digital device that is pre-programmed at the factory so that the user can adjust it to his needs with clear and digital sound. It is an easy-to-fit product with advanced noise reduction. It uses rechargeable lithium battery. It is a model suitable for people with medium to moderate hearing problems.

This model is intended to be worn directly by the person who needs a hearing aid. Unlike conventional hearing aids, this product comes pre-programmed from the factory and can be adjusted directly by the user at home without the need to visit a specialist. The price of a medical hearing aid with similar technological features is 1500 € – 2000 € so our solution has a lower price. The device has hearing aid technology and all this at a more economical price.

Difference between headset and over-ear

To choose between open, closed or semi-open headphones, it is only necessary to be clear about the type of activities for which they will be used. All of them have characteristics that make them distinguishable, each of them is ideal for certain circumstances.

One of the most common questions when thinking about computer accessories and sound quality is: what is the difference between open, closed and semi-open headphones? Although some people do not give importance to these aspects, the truth is that each of these models has special features for completely different circumstances.

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The main aspect that differentiates open, closed and semi-open headphones has to do with the construction of their cups or capsules. This is the area in which the loudspeakers or drivers responsible for producing the sound are installed.

When the outside of the cups are uncovered, they are open headphones; while if they are completely closed, they are called closed headphones. On the other hand, those that are in the middle ground are known as semi-open. However, this substantial difference also gives rise to certain specific characteristics.

What is the difference between open and closed hearing aid domes?
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