What is the most hazardous type of patient transfer?

What is the most hazardous type of patient transfer?

IDEhA: an operating room that puts you to the test

It is important to remember that every patient is different, and your safety instructions may be different from other patients or people you know who have received radiation therapy to treat cancer. Any precautions you should take depend on what treatment is used and the type and dose of radiation given. If necessary, your cancer care team will give you precise instructions so you will know what steps to take and how long the precautions should be followed. You should follow your instructions as directed.

Before you begin radiation therapy, your health care team works carefully to develop an effective treatment plan that is also safe. Treatment will focus on delivering radiation to the cancer while limiting exposure to healthy tissue. Your treatment plan will be reviewed frequently during the time of your therapy, and computers are used to monitor you and the amount of radiation being given.

Disconnection of the patient from the ventilator

The official explained that the Minsa personnel must transfer the samples to a cargo warehouse, which will be in charge of verifying whether the packaging complies with all the technical instructions for air transport.

Castillo said that data will then be recorded in a document. If applicable, the samples are transferred to the aircraft. Once the samples arrive at their destination, they are taken to the airline’s warehouse and Minsa personnel must pick them up.

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In addition, he reported that the MTC has committed the airlines to prioritize the transport of these samples by air in order to diagnose the coronavirus quickly. Tests performed by health personnel on those who may be infected are free of charge.


Blood is the body’s transport system, always busy collecting and distributing substances throughout the body. As it circulates through the body, blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues that need them. It also collects waste products, such as carbon dioxide, and carries them to the organs responsible for expelling them from the body.

Blood cells are made in the bone marrow, a spongy substance contained inside many of the body’s bones. A mature adult has almost 5 liters (about 10 pints) of blood in the body.

A transfusion is a relatively simple medical procedure used by physicians to replace losses of blood, or any part of the blood, such as red blood cells or platelets. Transfusions are usually administered through an intravenous line, a small tube inserted into a vein with a very fine needle. The entire procedure usually takes approximately two to four hours, depending on the amount of blood needed.

Coronavirus on surfaces and objects: What is the risk?

WHEREAS:The aforementioned file requests the preparation of the instrument establishing the operation of mobile units intended to provide land sanitary transfer, services and/or external assistance systems;

That said directives are intended to contribute to achieve the full validity of the “right to health” for the inhabitants of the whole province, based on criteria of equity, solidarity, effectiveness, efficiency and quality;

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That within the framework of complying with the aforementioned goals, the Secretariat of Health, in its capacity as supervising entity, needs to have rules that allow it to enable the authorization, categorization and subsequent supervision of the mobile vehicles destined to provide such health services;

In view of the above, the National Ministry of Health introduced the National Program for Quality Assurance in Medical Care (PNGCAM), to which our Province adheres through Decree No. 548/98;

That following the guidelines of Resolution 749/97 MSyAS as regards land sanitary transfer mobiles, it is convenient the elaboration of own norms that regulate such activity;

What is the most hazardous type of patient transfer?
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