What is the most invisible hearing aid?


Our ear works as an antenna and channels the sound wave into the ear canal, where the hearing aid is located. The sound sensation is natural, the orientation is improved and the annoying wind noise is greatly reduced.

Although recently they lost the battle against other systems that have Bluetooth connectivity, designed to be associated with external elements, cell phones, TV, PC, navigators, external microphones, etc., the CIC invisible hearing aids can now be connected to these devices and allow us to relate better with all our environment.

Not everyone can use an invisible hearing aid, it is necessary to meet a minimum of anatomical conditions for its use. The excess of cerumen, some types of loss or lesions, such as tympanic perforation, suppuration, or malformations do not recommend its use.


When you wear Lyric, you’ll feel confident that people are looking at you, not your hearing loss. Lyric’s unique placement in the ear canal allows it to be completely hidden and capture sounds from the outside world naturally with exceptionally clear sound quality, even in the most challenging listening environments.

A hearing solution should support your lifestyle, not force you to change it. When you wear Lyric, you’ll feel free to forget about your hearing loss altogether. With Lyric, you can stop worrying about your hearing and start focusing on what you love.

Invisible bluetooth headphones

Invisible hearing aids are so tiny that no one will appreciate them. Like any hearing aid, they offer clear and crisp speech understanding. This type of hearing aid, the invisible hearing aid, is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss and is placed inside the ear canal.

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Invisible hearing aids (Models IIC and CIC) fit perfectly in your ear, they fit inside the visible part of the ear so they have to be custom made. They are hearing aids that fit directly into the ear by means of a housing. This casing can be of different colors, including those similar to the skin, so they are almost imperceptible. They are usually very light in weight so you will hardly notice their presence after the first few days.

Cleaning of hearing aidsIn order to provide a good cleaning to your hearing aids on a daily basis, you will have to get certain products such as drying wipes, cleaning spray and brush. Consult with our specialists to find out which ones are right for you.

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If you have severe hearing loss, there are still many options for obtaining a discreet hearing solution. Once a hearing test is performed, you and your hearing care professional can determine the best option for your needs. There is a hearing aid available for everyone.

Finding the right type of hearing aid can make all the difference. Your hearing care professional will always help you find the model that best fits your lifestyle, budget and hearing loss.

Welcome to great hearing with the essentials for everyday life. Choose from custom hearing aids, including a completely-in-the-canal (CIC) wireless model, all made to fit each ear. Select the perfect mix tone.

Enjoy confidence in the finer details with discreet, high-performance custom hearing systems with brilliant sound quality. The selection includes all kinds of personalized, elegant natural tones to suit you.

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Everyone is different, and so are our ears. The type of hearing loss you have, your lifestyle and your personal preferences in color and style will influence the hearing aids you ultimately purchase. Your hearing care professional is an important part of the hearing aid selection process. They are specially trained to provide personalized and specific recommendations to help you get the most out of your hearing aids.

What is the most invisible hearing aid?
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