What is the most profitable crop fs19?

How to fill the implement in farming simulator 2019 ps4

As you can see, my horse is not in shape and is not clean. After riding it 100% (daily riding: 100% left), you will need to clean it. Hold down the left button on the horse to clean him. As I already rode him, the fitness level will increase to 13% after 00:00 (12:00 a.m.).

As my horse is not at 100% but at 13%, I can sell him for ~ 6.000 €. A 100% horse can be sold for 45.000 € +. You just have to ride him, keep him clean and feed him. (The price goes up ~ 5.000 € for each 10%).

Crop rotation fs19

Thanks to Farming Simulator 2017 players can enjoy the most complete and realistic farm simulator. Taking care of the fields, plants and animals are the daily tasks that players face using the most advanced farming techniques and machinery. It’s easy to say, but being such a well-done and extensive simulator, it can be a tough nut to crack for those who have never played a similar game before.

The first thing you need to know is that Farming Simulator 2017 has three different difficulty levels. How do these levels differ? Well, basically in the money we start with, the interest on loans, the state of the warehouse and market prices. Think carefully when choosing, because once you have chosen one, you will not be able to change it.

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Employees: Employees are in charge of replenishing your seeds, fertilizers and other things that fall under their job. If you need a little extra help and you can’t handle all the work your farm generates, this is a good option to consider. You should know that the money will be taken automatically from your account, so you will not be able to have such an exhaustive control of what you spend.

Most profitable crop fs19

It is equipped with all the precision farming available on the market: Precision Planting metering and electronics, TIM electronics, Twin Force loading and damping systems, and it is also compatible with Field View settings.

“The Mega is a very versatile machine with excellent ground following. We work lots with a lot of slopes and curves and the machine breaks very well and never stops seeding, which is very positive. A machine that is not a refueling machine, it never breaks down, it is very faithful.”

Where to sell corn farming simulator 2019

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Collecting straw (crop by-product) is also something that could help us, it is not an expensive product but with it we can have to pay wages to the workers although an investment must be made, you must buy a cargo trailer where the most economical EUROBOSS 330 T costs $31000.

Collecting mowed grass is also a way to get a little money for the daily maintenance of our farm although as everything has its investment because you must have the specific machinery for this work, first of all a tractor powerful enough to pull our tools, you must have a grass mower the most economical is the NOVACAT 302ED, a cargo trailer where the most economical EUROBOSS 330 T costs $31000 and optionally a swather TOP 462 $9000 to not make this work so cumbersome.

What is the most profitable crop fs19?
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