What modern technology devices help aid you in communication effectively?

What modern technology devices help aid you in communication effectively?

Technology for communication

In today’s society, called by many knowledge societies, it is not possible to see science and technology as isolated entities; both go hand in hand with social relations and the development of information and communication technologies.

“Science, technology and society form a conceptual triad that is more complex than a simple successive series (…) Scientific knowledge of reality and its technological transformation are not independent and successive processes, but are interwoven in a web in which theories and empirical data are constantly interwoven with technical procedures and artifacts. But, on the other hand, this techno-scientific fabric does not exist apart from the very social context in which knowledge and artifacts become relevant and acquire value (…) Therefore, the interweaving of science, technology and society makes it necessary to analyze their reciprocal relationships more closely than would be implied by the naive application of the classic linear relationship between them”.1


Now, with each new wave of technology, its speed of expansion and its speed of scalability, people are beginning to worry about the sacrifices that could challenge the way we interpret our humanity. Although at this point (again) it is not clear to us what kind of civilization we want. Or is it?

What is uniquely different this time, in the irruption of the new, however, is that these novelties are seriously eliminating opportunities for critical social interaction essential to not losing one of the defining features of our civilization.

We have already entered a period in which technology is displacing many opportunities for social interaction. Some might argue, correctly, that new technologies have opened a window of communication to many people who could not previously do so. Advances in technologies that allow us to have unprecedented mobility to work and study anywhere, travel safely and stay socially connected, despite distances, create and communicate in a mobile way, have coincided with a connection to devices that paradoxically divide our attention between interactions through screens and face-to-face. We no longer know how to distinguish whether we spend more time online or offline and this delicate balance presents itself as a challenge every day.

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Dispositivo tecnológico ejemplos

El desarrollo tecnológico es conocido como el proceso por el cual herramientas como las máquinas, las computadoras, el internet, sustituyen y mejoran las formas de comunicación entre las personas. Este proceso ha avanzado de manera impresionante, contribuyendo particularmente al trabajo que realiza el Secretario Ejecutivo, por ello el objetivo de esta investigación es describir cómo el desarrollo tecnológico influye en las actividades diarias de los Secretarios Ejecutivos de las Instituciones Públicas de Portoviejo. Se aplicó un método de investigación cuali-cuantitativo, con una metodología descriptiva-deductiva apoyada por el método bibliográfico y el analítico, para el trabajo empírico se aplicó una encuesta a 60 secretarios y 10 jefes inmediatos de instituciones públicas, cuyos resultados fueron tabulados y procesados a través del método estadístico que permitió el procesamiento de datos a partir de la información obtenida. Los resultados de la investigación muestran que el desarrollo tecnológico tiene importantes implicaciones para la secretaria y sus actividades diarias.


In the opinion of Alejandra Naser, ECLAC open government specialist, the use of ICTs has been an effective platform for promoting citizen participation, government transparency and innovation initiatives, and has become a key element in the State modernization process.

Hence, the need to achieve an agile, flexible, efficient and, above all, transparent administration has driven governments to work intensively with ICTs and the provision of web services.

Likewise, Internet diffusion in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, despite growing at relatively high rates, remained at the lower end of the regional distribution. The gap between Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras and the best positioned countries (Chile, Argentina and Uruguay) was around 47 percentage points. In contrast, growth in Ecuador and, above all, Venezuela, Colombia and Bolivia was sufficient to significantly improve their position in the regional context.

What modern technology devices help aid you in communication effectively?
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