What qualifies as a mobility disability?

What qualifies as a mobility disability?

Reduced Mobility Disorders

In this article we are going to talk about people with disabilities, degrees of disability, percentages, benefits, rights and advantages and much more. All the information is related to the realization of procedures in the field of administration.

The same happens with other terms such as “minusválido” (which simply means “less valid”), inválido (equivalent to “invalid”), subnormal (“less than normal”), etc. All terms used by institutions (e.g. subnormal was removed from administrative language in 1986).

When is a person considered to have mobility difficulties?  When he/she is a wheelchair user, when he/she is absolutely dependent on two canes for ambulation, and when he/she can ambulate but presents aggressive or annoying behaviors that are difficult to control.

In addition to the degrees of disability, there is the percentage of disability that is calculated based on the class of disability that is dictated.  The percentages are related to the aforementioned degrees.

Temporary reduced mobility

Based on what is established in the national regulations and for the purposes of capturing and analyzing information, both individual and statistical, the following disability categories are recognized in the disability certification procedure, which are not mutually exclusive:

This category includes persons who permanently present functional body deficiencies at the musculoskeletal, neurological, integumentary level of congenital or acquired origin, loss or absence of any part of their body, or presence of body movement disorders. It refers to those people who may present in the development of their daily activities, different degrees of functional difficulty for body movement and their relationship in the various environments when walking, moving, changing or maintaining body positions, carrying, manipulating or transporting objects and performing personal care activities, or household, interacting with other subjects, among others (Ministry of Social Protection & UNHCR, 2011).

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Reduced Mobility Disability

With this card you are entitled to a handicap allowance. Your disability card will show the health consequences of your disability indicated as characteristics. There are two types of cards:

For your card, a passport photo is required. The card is also available in several languages for travel abroad. The application form (German) can be found on the Berlin service page.

If you are a foreigner, you will need to present a copy of your passport together with your residence permit to make the application. The application will be checked for medical documents. The processing time is on average 100 days.

There is also a regulation for serious cases. It applies when care level III is given and exceptionally high care time is required. The requirements are either a need for assistance with basic care (personal hygiene, feeding and mobility) of six hours a day or at least three times during the night; or in cases where basic care, also during the night, can only be carried out by several caregivers. In this case, professionals and relatives or volunteers can help.

Examples of persons with reduced mobility

The scale of reduced mobility refers to persons affected by anatomical functional losses or essential deformations, to a degree equal to or greater than 33% that seriously hinder the use of public transport and with serious problems of ambulation.

If the applicant is not in any of the above situations, the following sections D, E, F, G and H will be applied, adding the scores obtained in each of them. The existence of mobility difficulties will be considered as long as the alleged beneficiary obtains a minimum of 7 points in these sections.

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Disability certificates that were processed before January 2000 do not include the mobility scale, so they must go to the corresponding Base Center to be assessed.

The Special Parking Card is granted to Persons with Reduced Mobility (TEPMR) who own and drive a vehicle or are transported because, due to their reduced mobility, they are unable to drive.

What qualifies as a mobility disability?
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