Why does my hearing aid make my ear sore?

If I have otitis, can I use earphones?

A person exposed to loud noises for a long period of time, for example, every day, can lose hearing permanently. This means that your hearing will not be as good as it once was. That is why construction workers and factory workers should wear hearing protection. In addition, lawn mowers and power tools, such as chainsaws, can be loud enough to affect a person’s ability to hear high-pitched noises. These types of noises can also cause a person to have constant tinnitus.


In the best of cases, this hearing dysfunction can be corrected with specific treatments. But in other cases, people have to learn to live with it. We are going to explain below, with the help of experts in hearing aids and hearing prostheses, which are the most frequent ear discomforts.

Otitis is one of the most common pathologies that can affect the ear and requires medical attention. It is usually cured by applying ear drops or antibiotics such as amoxicillin, which will take effect in 7 to 10 days and the pain will start to subside.

The coexistence with vertigo is another of the most annoying situations that occur in the ear. Vertigo is due to an alteration of the vestibular system that results in a consequent loss of balance and the sensation that everything is moving around. The duration of vertigo usually ranges from a few hours to a few days and in 85% of the cases it is caused by hearing problems.

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Ear plugged by hearing aids

01:03:15 PMHi Kigi. From what you are commenting, you may have some sort of infection or a buildup of fluid in your ear. You should visit an otolaryngologist who can perform a physical examination of your ear and establish what treatment you need in your case. On the other hand, you should not insert objects into your ear to clean it as it can be counterproductive and end up creating wax plugs or infections.Alberto:

12:35:15 PMHello Alberto. In theory, the sensation of plugging should slowly diminish. On the other hand, the pus is usually removed by medication. We recommend that you consult your doctor again to check that the treatment is achieving the desired effect.Joahana perez:

10:13:30 AMHello Matt. There is a possibility that you both had the fungus already in your ear but it had not progressed. The water from swimming pools can remain accumulated inside the ear if they are not dried properly, thus generating a perfect breeding ground for their evolution since they need moisture.Adriana:

How to remove ear pain from hearing aids

02:15:30 PMHi Jean Pierre. It may be that you hit the eardrum when cleaning. From the sounds of it, it is just “the bump” but there is a possibility that one day you may injure it more seriously. That is why only a professional is authorized to do ear cleanings.Angeles:

12:41:15 PMHello Alex. The disappearance of the pain may indicate that the treatment you are following is being effective. Sometimes it takes a while for the totality of symptoms to go away. If you are on treatment, continue with it. If you have finished it, we recommend that you visit a doctor who can establish whether it would be advisable to extend the time of the treatment or change the medication.Blanca:

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10:28:45 AMHi Yovanna. That clogging sensation can have very different origins such as a wax plug, a mucus accumulation, an infection…. We recommend you to visit a doctor since only with a visual examination of your ear it will be possible to establish what is the cause of your plugging and thus establish the necessary treatment.naty:

Why does my hearing aid make my ear sore?
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