Why is it not good to wash your hair in the shower?

Is it good to brush your hair in the shower?

Science explains that, over time after showering, the hair starts to become greasy, a little darker and shinier. This is because sebum, a substance generated by oil glands called sebaceous glands, which are in the dermis near the hair root, try to keep your hair from drying out.

The key to sebum is that each of us produces a different amount. Everything from genetics and hormones “affects the amount of sebum we produce at any given time,” explains dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani.

Lynne Goldberg, dermatologist and director of Boston Medical Center’s hair clinic, argues that people who wash their hair a lot end up drying out the scalp and producing much more oil, so the result, in the long run, is not clean hair.

Is it bad to bathe without getting your head wet?

We have all asked ourselves: how often should you wash your hair? How often it is recommended to wash your hair to keep it healthy and strong remains a “mystery”, as dermatologists and experts on the subject do not agree.

The experts debunk a hair myth: washing your hair a lot does not promote hair loss.  Hair that falls out is “old” hair, hair that has completed its life cycle, so washing has no effect on hair loss, there is nothing to do about it.

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Every time you wash your hair you should always use conditioner, and every 10 days or so it is advisable to use a mask to deeply moisturize the hair. But never use the two products together; the mask should be a substitute for the conditioner. On the other hand, the mask can be left on without rinsing as long as it has only been applied to the mid-lengths and ends. It can alter the balance of the scalp at the roots, so it is not advisable, nor should it be left on and left out in the sun.

How often do you wash your hair

The need to wash our hair depends on several factors: mainly the level of sebum production at the level of the pilosebaceous follicle. And the conditioning factor is at the hormonal level, controlled among others by testosterone. The need to wash the scalp will be more frequent in a man who is more sensitive to the

View this post on InstagramA post shared by ISAYA ELAIS (@elaisaya)Hairdresser Eduardo Sanchez, Director of Maison Eduardo Sanchez, agrees that the hair that is washed every day, in general, are the oily ones: “It’s usually due to the secretion of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands when stimulated by frequent washing.” But there are more cases: “On other occasions it is a widespread habit, due to the fear of not feeling fresh if you don’t wash frequently.

fear of not feeling fresh if you don’t wash it at the same time as the body. Other cases in which hair washing is done daily is when you have curly hair, as the curls unravel at night, we respond by washing it again. In these cases I have to say that it is not usually necessary, it is better to use a product to redefine the wave or curl, for example, the spray Algues et Fleurs by Leonor Greyl or Oléo-Curl by Kerastase”, concludes the expert.

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How often to shampoo the hair

A correct intimate hygiene is vital to avoid health problems, but this does not mean using just any product or that the more perfumed the product is the better, on the contrary, the soap we use for the genitals must be specific for this area and natural, since perfumed gels can cause irritation and the appearance of cystitis, especially in women.  What’s more, do you shower properly?

Any excess is negative and showering many times a day is a mistake because every time we shower we subject the pH of the skin to gels, hot water, the sponge … if you just want to freshen up, it is not necessary to use soap.  And also, do you shower properly?

Why is it not good to wash your hair in the shower?
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