What does a certificate of service mean?

Certification of domestic employee services The computer application issues a message of confirmation of receipt, containing the data provided, the date and time of receipt and a transmission identification key. For the purposes of calculating deadlines, only those days declared as such for the entire national territory in the annual calendar of non-working days published […]

Are marriages public record in Canada?

Marriage law in Canada Find out which national legislation applies to your wedding and your matrimonial property regime as this will have important consequences for your rights and obligations as a spouse. If you are getting married in an EU country other than the country where you live, check with the administrations of both countries […]

Can I do the care certificate online?

Diplomas of recognition The Provisional Replacement Certificate (CPS) of the European Health Insurance Card is the personal and non-transferable document that certifies the right to receive the health benefits that are necessary, from a medical point of view, during a temporary stay in the territory of the European Economic Area (1) or Switzerland, taking into […]

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