Are minor electrical works notifiable?

How much does a building permit cost?

The question is: Which of these actions need a building permit and which do not? Is it mandatory to apply for this permit? Where should we process it? What happens if we do a work at home without a license? What kind of fines do we face? Can the Community of Owners denounce us?

The building permits are the administrative tools that our legislation observes to guarantee that any intervention in a building complies with the Technical Building Code. In this way, when we do a work at home, we ensure that certain standards are maintained that affect, fundamentally, the quality of the materials and our safety and integrity.

In all cases, having a license from the City Council allows us to make the appropriate modifications to our home, avoiding noise complaints and unauthorized clearing of materials at the foot of the building. In addition, when we request one of these permits, we also leave a record before the Community of Owners of the work, its duration and possible inconvenience as a rule of “courtesy” with our neighbors.

Fine for changing windows without a permit

Minor Work License. It will be processed in accordance with article 214.3 of Law 5/2014, LOTUP (modified by Law 1/2019), as well as article 13 of the Regulatory Ordinance of the Procedure for the granting of urban and environmental licenses and related figures. 5th Modification. (Licensing Ordinance, hereinafter).

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Canopies for outdoor advertising, which will be adjusted to the determinations of the Ordinance of Facilities and Advertising Elements since its entry into force and which will be processed jointly with the rest of the works linked to the activity as provided for in articles 21 and 24.bis of this Ordinance.

The restoration or rehabilitation works are intended to restore the building to its original state, and may include partial substitutions of structural elements that do not produce an essential variation in the structural system as a whole, as well as the incorporation of new installations to ensure the stability and adequate functionality of the building in relation to the needs of the use to which it is to be put.

When a building permit is required

The Previous Communication of Works (not subject to urban planning license of works) is the document by means of which the interested parties, under their responsibility, inform the Municipal Management of Urbanism of their identification data, state that they comply with the requirements established in the current regulations, provide the documentation that accredits it, in addition to committing themselves to maintain their compliance during the period of time inherent to such recognition or exercise.

A. Terraces and slopes of up to 4 meters in height, from pre-existing terraces; or newly built terraces of up to 1.5 meters in height from soil with an unmodified natural slope, provided that the land has a natural slope of less than 20%.

B. Sorribas that require leveling by means of clearing and embankment, and contribution of a maximum of 80 centimeters of topsoil. The retaining wall of the sorriba, if applicable, may not exceed 1.5 meters in height.

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D. Prefabricated water tank installations or waterproofed earthen ponds with sheets for water storage, provided that they do not exceed 1,000 m in capacity, up to 5 meters in total height, and may not exceed 3 meters in height above the level resulting from the leveling of the land. A maximum of one installation will be allowed for each farm or organic unit on which there is an agricultural operation, justifying in the report the need, proportionality and linkage to the cultivable area or livestock units. The enclosures may only be made with non-opaque or transparent materials and may not exceed two meters in height.

Construction permit

“For a complete refurbishment in which the house is redistributed without touching elements of the structure, for example, a load-bearing wall, and windows are changed, it would be necessary to present the model of the previous communication at the Town Hall together with the payment of the fee and the construction and works tax. Subsequently, a deposit will be requested for the correct management of the waste, which is returned if the waste has been sent to authorized landfills,” he concludes.

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Are minor electrical works notifiable?
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