Can a mother keep the child away from the father?

Can a father take a child away from his mother?

The most normal thing in a divorce is that the custody of the children of the couple falls on one of the parents, while the other one, enjoys a visitation regime and is responsible for the payment of alimony as dictated by law. However, sometimes, one of the parents loses custody. Surely on many occasions you have wondered what to do when a parent does not take care of your child? or also what are the main reasons why as parents you can be removed from custody? In the following post, from Casasempere lawyers in Alicante we want to clarify all the terms that involve the possible loss of custody by one of the parents. In essence all those behaviors that put at risk or may alter or disturb the physical and / or emotional stability of children, as always we emphasize that in family law the most important value is the interest of children. Everything must be focused on guaranteeing their safety and stability. But the truth is that the complexity of the issue goes much further.

When a father loses the right to see his child

“Sometimes I did bring what she asked for, clothes or shoes, sometimes I couldn’t because I didn’t have a steady job, she would only let me stand at the door for a while. My mother would ask for permission to have him at her house without telling him that I would be visiting, but then she realized it and didn’t want to leave him,” says Jaime, who will not be able to celebrate Father’s Day.

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His ex-partner stopped answering his calls. Months later he learned that they had moved to Tijuana without telling him. Some time later, when he was able to talk to the then teenager, he rejected him, claiming that he had abandoned him.

In our country there is “positive discrimination”. Here the law is very protective of the rights of the mother and the woman. The law against femicide and other forms of violence against women has these figures: 1) violence against women, which can be psychological – verbal abuse, insults -; physical – hitting, pushing, spitting -; 2) sexual violence, and 3) economic violence that goes against the detriment in patrimony.    Men are weighted to a lesser extent because of their history of machismo, explains Echeverría.

Can a father take a child from his mother in mexico?

If you and your children’s father/mother disagree on a parenting plan for your children, you will have to go to custody mediation (also known as “child custody recommending counseling” in counties where mediators make recommendations to the judge).

If the mediator suspects that the children were abused, he or she may have to report it. (It is a crime for a parent to file a false report of child abuse against the other parent). Ask your mediator for a list of places that can help you and your children.


Send news by e-mailYour name *Your e-mail *Your e-mail *The breakup of a couple relationship is one of the biggest stress factors for the human being, but the phenomenon is aggravated when there are children in the middle, they end up being the ones who carry their backpack with the weight of the resentment of their parents, the fundamental pillars in their emotional development. The rupture of the family bond is by itself a determining phenomenon in the psycho-evolutionary development of the children, but the habitual

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Can a mother keep the child away from the father?
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