Can I be an architect without degree?

Can I be an architect without degree?

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The Technical Architect has existed as an independent career since the 19th century. The name by which it was defined then was that of quantity surveyor. It is exactly the same profession, and that name is still used today, which many prefer because of its tradition and connotations. Nowadays, it is normal to use the term ‘technical architect’, although in some places the same professional is referred to as ‘building engineer’. It is all the same, and using several names for the same thing does not help, so, from now on we will use only the expression ARQUITECTO TÉCNICO.

If you like architecture and you are wondering what to study, you have to be very clear about the difference between architect and technical architect. Therefore, we are going to tell you the five things that we consider most important:

The technical architect, acting in his role as director of execution of the work, has its main role at the time when the idea begins to be built. He is in charge of directing the physical materialization of the project: he organizes the work, the materials, the work teams and controls the budget, so that everything can be built efficiently. He is responsible for making sure that everything works, and his presence on the construction site is more important than that of the architect.

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You want to become an architect, eh, and you want the right information to become an effective professional? Say no more. That’s part of what I’m going to show you here; how to become an architect.

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As an architect, your work influences the workplace and people’s lives. In truth, being an architect as a profession is drastically different from the architecture school experience.

In fact, demand is expected to increase over time as the need for healthcare facilities increases. The baby boom population is aging and the geometric increase in the world’s population is a basic reason for this.

So, the employment of architects is strongly linked to construction industry activity. Therefore, these workers may experience times of unemployment when there is a slowdown in new project applications or when the overall level of construction drops.

There are definitely requirements that you must meet if you are to become an architect. Some of these requirements are basic personal skills that you must develop, while others may include mandatory educational and professional requirements that you must meet.

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As current buildings are now known to be large emitters of carbon into the atmosphere, more and more controls are being placed on buildings and associated technology to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and make use of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources can be developed within the proposed building or through local or national renewable energy providers. As a result, the architect must keep abreast of current regulations that are continually being adjusted. Some new developments feature extremely low energy use. [15] However, the architect is also increasingly required to provide initiatives in a broader environmental sense, such as making provisions for low-energy transportation, daylighting instead of artificial lighting, natural ventilation instead of air conditioning, pollution and waste management, use of recycled materials, and use of materials that can be easily recycled in the future.

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The reasons why to study Architecture may vary from one person to another. However, there are some particular aspects of this profession that are undoubtedly key for you to know if studying architecture is what you really want to do.

Architects are people who are able to observe details and have great abilities to appreciate nature and the relationship and integration of human-made objects with the natural environment. They can also understand how spaces allow humans to interact in different ways.

“Architecture is giving form to the places where people live, it is not more complicated than that, but it is not simpler than that either”.Alejandro Aravena, Chilean architect and author of the Elemental housing complex.

All the courses, works and projects that you are going to see during the Architecture course are different and very interesting. It is a wide world, where you will see very varied topics, such as sociology, philosophy, psychology, construction and the environment, among many others.

Can I be an architect without degree?
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