Can I drive on the motorway when I pass my test?

Can I drive on the motorway when I pass my test?

Provisional card

Congratulations! If you are reading this is because you have just passed your practical driving license test. And yes… we know! you have passed and now you are in a hurry to get behind the wheel, it’s normal… you are looking forward to it with all your might. But be careful, rushing is never a good thing.

The first thing to be able to get behind the wheel is to have the original driver’s license in hand, which Traffic will send you, in a few weeks, by mail to your home.    So that you are not left waiting and can drive, in the meantime, Traffic will issue you a provisional driving license or provisional driving license.

From Autoescuela El Punt we want to reassure you and tell you that the provisional license does not take as many weeks as the original driving license. The provisional driving license usually arrives in about 7-10 days approximately, depending on the capacity of the staff of the traffic office and the number of students who passed in that office for that exam.

The provisional driving license is a black and white sheet of paper. It contains your personal data, the type of driving license, the date of issue and the expiration date.  It expires 3 months after being issued or made, if in that time you do not receive the original by mail at home, you must communicate it here to the driving school so that we can ask the Traffic office what is happening. The Traffic office will be able to issue a new provisional license if the first one expires, so don’t worry because you will be able to continue driving while the problem is solved and we find out what is happening and why you don’t receive the original driving license.

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When you pass the practical test, you can already drive

On the other hand, Directive 2006/126/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of December 20, on Driving Licenses, for the sake of clarity, has proceeded to recast the various amendments to Council Directive 91/439/EEC, of July 29, 1991, on Driving Licenses, which in turn was incorporated into our domestic law through the current General Regulations for Drivers.

The introduction of progressive access as an option for obtaining driving licenses for certain types of vehicles, such as the new class A2 license, which authorizes the driving of medium-power motorcycles, stands out.

Likewise, the possibility is foreseen of authorizing, with the class B license, the driving of vehicle combinations exceeding 3500 kg, without exceeding 4250 kg, after passing a test of aptitude and behavior, which may be replaced by the passing of specific training, under the terms to be established by Order of the Minister of the Interior.

Once you have passed the practical test you can drive

Its proposal is a flexible method of 30 theoretical classes of 45 minutes in live streaming. Students can connect to the classes at the time that best suits their needs and, in addition, they can interact with the teachers. Formaster assures that the method of video after video and test after test, without being able to resolve doubts on the spot, is not ideal. With its own methodology, professional experts train, with real examples, in subjects such as the following: Maneuvers, Priorities, Speed, Documentation, Accidents, Human factor or Driving Techniques, also carrying out specific classes of resolution of doubts, review and test.

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For the moment, in its first months of life, Formaster’s Virtual Classroom has achieved a 62 percent pass rate in the first call, 17 points higher than the national average mentioned above.

How long does it take to receive the renewed driver’s license?

Reality and experience show that today it is no longer possible to obtain a driver’s license with only a few hours of driving and therefore little money. A class B driver’s license will cost you at least 1,500 euros today. However, you should keep in mind that unexpected costs can arise quickly. Therefore, a calculation with a budget of 2,000 euros is recommended, so that in case of doubt you can pay all additional costs. In fact, the federal state also decides how much money you should allow for your driver’s license. In Bavaria, for example, you must calculate a budget of 2,200 euros, while in Brandenburg you can get your driver’s license for only 1,200 euros. Unfortunately, it is also not possible for you to obtain your driver’s license in another state, since the principle applies that it must be completed at the driver’s place of residence.

Can I drive on the motorway when I pass my test?
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