Can I frame my own diploma?

Can I frame my own diploma?

Framing diplomas in glass

4 Ingletes Arturo SoriaGo toAdvantages of framing a picture12/05/2017May 12, 2017In this post we will talk about framing pictures in Madrid center and the different advantages that we can appreciate through it.

Framing pictures in Madrid center means much more than just putting a mold to a work of art. It’s about style and quality, but for what reason should a painting be framed?  Here are some of them:

– Greater ambiance: a frame contributes to greater ambiance. There are a wide variety of profiles, each with a different texture and material, making it possible to create a personal style for every taste. In addition, like furniture or any other good, it is part of the decoration of the home or the place where it is located.

– Easier to hang on the wall: in the first instance, the frame was created to place the picture on the wall more easily, as it has a series of hooks that make this action possible.

At X Amor Al Arte, we specialize in the sale of themed prints, framing accessories and even photo frames, not to mention standard frames for titles and diplomas. This is a custom framing with a selection of moldings of various materials.Request more informationPlease review the selected fields

University diploma frame

Frame yourself without leaving homeIt is very easy to frame your photos, your puzzles, your prints, your canvases, your posters, your diplomas or any other thing you would like to have framed.  Custom frames made for you, in our own workshopAll our frames are made by us in our workshop, using the highest quality materials as those you can find in any frame store. Measure well what you want to frame even with the millimeters, we make it to measure for you.    Your frame with everything you needOur frames will arrive with instructions for assembly and everything you need to hang on the wall.

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We all carry our cell phones with us all the time, which predisposes us to take pictures at any time and in any place. This, added to the technology of today’s smartphones, capable of capturing photographs at very high resolutions, makes each of us an amateur photographer or a potential artist.  We are all generators of images, many of them interesting enough to be printed and framed in a medium to decorate our everyday spaces.

Modern framed diplomas

That is why when we tell you that you can frame these entries in an original way, we are appealing to those representative characteristics. In the same way, when they are ready, they end up being a detail that brings your personality to a more tangible and perceptible plane in the decoration of that space to which it will be destined.

There are those who feel too much nostalgia for their childhood for the fact that it represents the essence of who they are as people and for their connection to innocence and genuine happiness. That is why they sometimes feel the need to frame their favorite toy from that period lived.

On the other hand, when toys are framed they might also be destined for the person’s children’s room. Which is a historical transfer within the family in which the integrity of the object is being preserved thanks to the frame that protects it.

In Frame It we take care of an infinite number of ideas, which can range from a picture frame to any of the ideas already exposed. Find in our catalog the ideal frame to give to your loved ones.

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Marcos para diplomas económicos

Algunas de las tecnologías que usamos son necesarias para funciones básicas como la seguridad y la integridad del sitio, la autenticación de la cuenta, las preferencias de seguridad y privacidad, datos internos de uso del sitio y mantenimiento, y para que el sitio funcione correctamente mientras exploras y durante las transacciones.

Podemos hacer cualquier tamaño de marco de fotos que necesite. Por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros antes de hacernos saber lo que desea, y le daremos más instrucciones. Nuestros marcos se miden por las dimensiones interiores, lo que significa, por ejemplo, que si tiene una foto de 5×7, ésta encajará en un marco de 5×7.

Todo en este marco es excelente. De muy alta calidad, con clase, profesional y muy robusto. Muy bien hecho. ¡Nos encanta! También estaba muy bien embalado y muy seguro para el envío. Gracias.

Marco de buena calidad. Exactamente lo que buscaba. Aprecio especialmente la útil comunicación con Tammy antes de la compra, ya que era importante para mí conseguir un soporte para el marco, y también aprecio los esfuerzos adicionales que hizo para enviármelo. Tal vez lo único que desearía que fuera mejor eran las lengüetas de la parte trasera para sujetar la parte posterior del marco – eran del tipo rígido que son difíciles de abrir y cerrar.

Can I frame my own diploma?
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